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September 17, 2018
By Yogalife

YogaLife’s Green Tip of the Month

Back to School Green Tips

We all know instilling good habits is easiest when we’re young. More parents and educators are working to make kids aware of the importance of caring for our planet. As kids return to class in the fall, here are some simple tips to encourage healthy habits and sustainable schools:

SAFE (AND SUSTAINABLE) ROUTES TO SCHOOL: Instead of driving alone, start a carpool, bike train, or group walk and take turns with other parents in the neighbourhood to drop off and pick up the kids. You’ll each save time, energy, and fuel.

HEALTHY LUNCHES: Encourage schools to offer healthier choices in the cafeteria. For pack lunches, use reusable pails and utensils and try eating local and organic.

RECYCLE: Ask administrators whether recycling bins and recycled materials are available and accessible, and if the kids are encouraged to use them. Make sure your child knows what can be recycled and what can’t.

BUY SMART: Buy school supplies with less packaging and seek those made with recycled and sustainably-harvested materials. Invest in sturdier products for years of use and reuse supplies. You can also make environmentally-friendly choices when buying back-to-school clothes.

GET REGULAR NATURE TIME: Studies show that children who spend more time outside are less likely to suffer from obesity, Attention Deficit Disorder, and depression. Encourage kids to get outside for an hour or two after school each day and on weekends.

SPREAD THE WORD: Encourage your children to share their environmental consciousness.

Information courtesy: www.earthshare.org


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