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April 18, 2018
By Yogalife

Why Should You Try Ariel Yoga?

Are you ready to be swept off the ground, your world turned upside down and stretched in differed ways? Swing/Aerial Yoga is the latest fitness trend in the UAE. You experience being suspended in midair while all stored tension, stress and negative energy escapes your body. Aerial Yoga helps you acquire new body skills, increase flexibility and strength while providing a sense of calmness to the mind leaving you feeling peace within yourself. Swing yoga is a mind-body experience, says Hiba Elderbi!


How is it different from traditional yoga?

Aerial Yoga is suitable for all levels of fitness and provides the same benefits and excitement with a bit of a twist. Swing yoga helps you understand the movements of your body by helping you adjust your postures more accurately with less pressure on the joints. It aids in getting you into your correct traditional yoga postures such as helping you balance in tree pose.

For those who fear inverting, this is exactly what will help overcome your fears and gain more trust in yourself, mentally and physically!

A student once told me it felt like being “liberated.” Also allowing you to get creative with your daily crunches; crunches while being invert in midair – a good way to challenge your core and enhance your everyday movements. The swing will help you move freely by placing your body in different positions which result in deeper stretches.

As the say “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible”,

Many aerial yoga practitioners note how well their spine feels after a session suspended in the air. I had students approach me feeling they got a back massage or they have grown taller, well it’s true the main benefit is the spine! What better way to practice than effortlessly inverting, allowing the support of the swing and gravity to play a role in lengthening and stretching every part of the spine, relieving all the pressure along the spinal column? The decompression of the spine actually corrects your posture and hence allowing you to feel taller.

Mostly, it is recommend for people with back issues or suffering from Sciatica to relieve back pain

What to expect after the first class

A good understanding of how to use the hammock as well as its adjustable straps. You will be able to get into postures you never thought your body could get into on the first class such as inverts and handstands. Student’s feedback usually revolves around “I never thought I would be able to do these postures”

Classes begin with simple body stretches and spinal warmups working all the energy level in your body, including body twists which help detoxify your body, hip openers, then making your way to backbends.

Most people favorites inverts (bat pose). Sometimes we end the class by lying on soft fabric suspended from the ceiling like a cocoon purely observing how we feel.

Everyone has a unique experience. A student told me during Shavasana she had smile on her face.

Aerial Yoga will definitely have you coming back for more.


About Hiba Elderbi:

‘I hold a degree in Banking and Finance and For the past years I been doing fitness as hobby , One day I came across a yoga class and began to attend lots of yoga classes and every single time I would finish class I would feel really good both mentally and physically . I never knew reason why until I became a Yoga instructor myself completing 200 hour intense yoga teacher training. I started teaching traditional yoga and later decided to try Swing Yoga ever since it has been my addiction! Transforming my mind, body and lifestyle.

One of the first Aerial instructors to teach, spread aerial yoga for couple years in Abu Dhabi. I been featured in multiple publications/media and do workshops and events. Students in Abu Dhabi enjoyed the first time unique experience due to demand I started teaching several classes .Currently I am teaching Swing Yoga at new studio in Abu Dhabi. I would like to keep sharing and spreading my passion to the community, always giving my students fun and creative approach to practicing yoga at same time challenging them mentally and physically’.


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