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November 20, 2018
By Yogalife

Why Should We Do YOGA?

Today’s life is stressful and competitive, our environment is getting more polluted and food, adulterated. Average life expectancy is decreasing and number of people suffering from psychosomatic diseases (mental diseases) is increasing.

We are struggling to remain in the competition and attaining/maintaining the high-status life. Technology is furthering itself by creating new products and services which are greatly reducing our workload but increasing the stress levels. Smart phones are a perfect example.

Our lifestyle is so fast paced that there is simply no time to relax. Our sleeping hours have reduced, in fact there is hardly any quality sleep that we get.
In sum, we are working hard to survive and save money so that we can fund our diseases later in life.

If you’re able to relate yourself with the above situation, you certainly need to do YOGA.

Yoga is a 5000-year-old science and art of healthy living originated in India and today with its mark across the globe.
In Yoga, we use our body and breath in a specific manner to connect and calm our mind releasing the physical and mental stress.

Unlike other fitness plans which give great results but work mainly on the physical body, Yoga goes deeper and helps you become stronger and healthier physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually.

The other good thing about Yoga is its openness to people of all age groups, it doesn’t matter if you are a kid, teenager, middle aged, old or senior citizen, everyone is equally welcome and can reap the same level of benefits with regular practice.

In sum, Yoga gives us a healthy body and also creates a peaceful environment within which starts influencing our life style that’s why it is often said, “Yoga is not a change in body, it’s a change in lifestyle”

Adopt Yoga for a healthy living and healthier thinking!!😊


By; Sapna Rana Rawat



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