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Why Everyone Should Try Pilates?

Real Pilates, based in Dubai, is known for its core mission to enrich the lives of people through teaching individuals the benefits of maintaining the mind, body and soul. They strive to promote an all rounded approach to wellness, through a range of activities such as Barre, mat and equipment Pilates and yoga. Here, the professional instructors draw up a list of 5 reasons why everyone should try Pilates

Pilates can prevent back pain: Pilates is a great low intensity exercise that prevents and eases existing back pain. It strengthens the upper back muscles so they are able to support the body better. It has also been found that those with lower back pain who practiced Pilates for just four weeks experienced more relief quicker than those who visited other specialists.

Pilates is easy on your joints: Most sessions of Pilates involve a slow and controlled movement, which reduces stress on the joints with minimal impact. The padding, which is installed on the reformers, is very thick and helps take pressure off the back and knees.

Pilates strengthens your focus and concentration: With every Pilates session, individuals learn how to focus on their breathing, being more aware of their body, and how to balance doing both together, which takes a lot of concentration.

Pilates improves your memory: Several studies have proven that exercise improve neurogenesis – which is the creation of new brain cells, it also protects existing cells. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign stated in the Journal of Physical activity & Health, that individuals who practice Pilates have a significantly higher brain function, which enables them to remember information more accurately.

Pilates makes you happier: Pilates stresses your body positively; during a session, positive endorphins are released into the body and brain, making us feel great during and after each session.

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