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What’s my AURA today?


We are all surrounded by an aura or a psychic energy field and each colour represents a person’s mood, physical health, or condition of the chakra. Shivani Adalja sheds some light on why is it important to know our aura and how can we learn to manage it…


In this fast paced world full of gimmicks and glitter how aware are we of our own existence? How aware are we of our breath, our life or our energy? Most of us go through the daily chores as if someone has pressed a play button on a dvd player. But is that how we were meant to live? Our body absorbs everything that’s going on around us; pleasant and unpleasant. It’s like a sponge soaking in every ounce of thought and emotions. The more it absorbs the heavier we feel. Our energy is always surrounded by our thoughts and emotions. That brings me to a very important question, what is our energy and how does it affect us? Aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation / energy surrounding a person or an object. This energy is known as prana in India or chi in China or farr in Iran.


So how important is it exactly to know your own aura and how can one learn to manage it?

Our auras are not only affected by external energies, but also by our own thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are energy too, and so if you are in the habit of having a large number of unpleasant thoughts and emotions throughout the day, you can bet they’re lowering your vitality and affecting your aura. Your aura is like your personal signature; it stores all your stress and emotions. Higher the levels of stress lead to heavier aura. Once your aura is heavy you are likely to feel tired, depressed or even sick.

The way to leading healthier life is to clean or balance your aura on a regular basis. Take up any kind of relaxation technique that makes you feel good helps you to reduce your stress level. Meditation helps in reducing stress and calming the mind. Yoga also helps in achieving the mind / body balance. Reading a book or taking a walk in the garden or spending quality time with the loved ones will also help you to reduce stress and balance your aura. The most effective way to instantly feel relaxed and cleanse your aura is to take a dip in the ocean. The use of sea salt has always been linked with health and therapy. Apart from being essential for the body’s proper functioning, it is also as important in the world of medicine for many years.

Adapting a healthier lifestyle, taking up a stress busting hobby or going for a swim can help you lighten the load of your aura and in turn help you find that much needed balance in today’s fast paced life.


Shivani Adalja

Shivani Adalja is a Dubai based feng shui and wellbeing practitioner, author of several leading papers and columns on the subject, motivational speaker, Intuitive Counselor and one of the most sought after personalities in the Middle East.


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