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What You Didn’t Know About That Cup of Joe



Are you one of those millions of people who reach for that cup of coffee after waking up in the morning? Well, we have good news for you! Coffee is not all that bad, in fact it is good to drink that cup of Joe once in a while! Read on to know more.

From its potential discovery by the legendary Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, to being celebrated internationally in the month of October, coffee has grown to become a ritualistic lifestyle for many.

But have you ever wondered if there was more to that delicious cup of joe you drank this morning than just a kick of energy?

With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed daily all over the world and scientific research behind the benefits of sipping on brewed arabica beans, it is becoming significantly evident that coffee contributes to health benefits, economic growth and society development.

Coffee-lovers can rejoice while they sip on their favourites as the cool kids from Dubai’s newest specialty coffee offering, Drop, list the marvels of coffee.

Debating diabetes with coffee

In the UAE, where 19.3 percent of the population suffer from diabetes, coffee may play a crucial role. According to an intensive research conducted by Dr. Frank Hu from Harvard, the risk of type II diabetes decreases by 9% for each daily cup of coffee consumed, with decaf decreasing risk by 6%.

Coffee and weights, the perfect date

Drinking coffee before a workout has been found to improve gym performance. A research conducted by Coventry University in the United Kingdom discovered that a cup of coffee not only enhanced and boosted effective gym participation, but also improved manual dexterity.

A coffee a day keeps the Grim Reaper away

Earlier this year, a study that involved 185,000 people from different cultures revealed coffee increases longevity irrespective of race and lifestyle. The study, conducted by Annals of Internal Medicine, helped discover a stronger biological possibility for the relationship between coffee and longevity. It also concluded that heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, and stroke had a lower chance of occurring due to the consistent consumption of coffee.

Coffee currency

Ethically sourced coffee instigates genuine relationships directly with farmers and supports fair payment. The elimination of a middle man and mutual understanding for quality beans at fairly paid prices helps enrich the farmers’ lives. This in turn helps lead to opportunities of better quality of life with possibilities of schools and education in a poverty-dominant environment. Also, an estimated 27 million people rely on coffee as their economic mainstay with an estimate of 197 hands that have worked to deliver every cup of coffee from seed to cup.

Cup of happiness

What’s better than an energy boost? A happy boost! According to a decade-long study on caffeine and its relationship with mental health, it was found that depression risk decreases with increasing caffeinated coffee consumption.

The coffee industry is always growing, always evolving, and always adapting. New ways of growing, harvesting, and processing are being explored on a daily basis. Coffee is a science to a very large extent, but is also a very niche art.



Why Cup of Joe: According to Wiktionary, it is possibly a shortening of “cup of jamoke”, from java + mocha: this origin was given in a military officer’s manual from 1931, around when the term first appeared.

Alternatively, perhaps a use of joe (“fellow, guy”), signifying that coffee was the drink of the common man.

Another theory suggests that US soldiers in World War I (1914-1918) referred to a serving of instant coffee made by the G. Washington Coffee Refining Company (founded in 1910) as a “cup of George”, and that the common abbreviation of the name “George” (“Geo.”) was then read as “Joe”.

Another theory derives the term from Josephus Daniels (1862-1948), the Secretary of the U.S. Navy who abolished the officers’ wine mess and thus made coffee the strongest drink available on ships.


About Drop:

Drop is a passion project by coffee enthusiasts, for coffee enthusiasts located in the heart of Jumeriah. With first class Baristas from around the world, serving expertly brewed coffee, Drop Coffee aims to enrich coffee culture in the UAE. Drop coffee carefully selects its coffees from growing regions around the world and roasts coffee to hand-crafted and well thought out roast profiles. The shop’s minimalist design ties in strongly with its transparent approach to quality coffee and creates a unique, peaceful and homely environment. https://www.instagram.com/dropdubai/


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