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Welcome Year of The Rooster 2017

The Chinese metaphysics is based on the interaction between different elements and their relationship with each other.

Everything in the universe is made up of 5 elements; water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. The five elements interact either productively or destructively with one another. If the elements support each other, then there is harmony. But if the elements are in conflict then there is chaos.These 5 elements are further subdivided into yin or yang. Yin element is on the passive side, while the yang is on the aggressive side. In addition to the interplay of the five elements, Chinese astrology also impacts these elements. 12 celestial animals represent each month of the year as well as the entire year. 12 animals are also made up of one of the five elements and are categorized into yin or yang. Therefore every year has four main influences; the animal that represents the year, the element of the animal, yin or yang nature of the animal as well as the representing element. The interplay and interaction of these four factors will decide how the year ahead will pan out and impact the world.

2017 is the year of the rooster and is made up of two elements; yin fire and metal. Fire and metal are considered to be conflicting elements and that sums up the general mood for 2017. The coming year will be a year full of conflicts and unrest around the globe. Yin fire is not very strong fire, as yin represents a passive element. Therefore it is often compared to a gentle flame of a matchstick. However even though the flame is gentle, the fire can slowly spread and destroy the surroundings. As a result, Yin fire is considered to me more volatile than yang fire. Therefore yin fire has potential to cause major fire or disasters. 2017 will be a year of serious explosions and wars around the world. There will be general unrest with sudden events that may result in warfare or explosions. Wildfires are also expected around the world. So we can easily assume that 2017 will not be a peaceful and harmonious year.

The two main elements of 2017 are yin fire and metal. It is these two elements that will be affecting people and the world in general. Yin fire governs the function of heart, eyes and blood circulation in the body. It also affects the brain and the nervous system. Therefore a weak yin fire will affect people in areas such as heart problems, head injuries and brain-related diseases will be on the rise. It is very important to kick start your health journey in 2017 and maintain overall good health.

Metal, on the other hand, impacts lungs and breathing organs. As Fire and metal are conflicting elements, their relationship will also create health issues. Metal represents bones, breathing organs and lungs. Therefore asthma, bone injuries and lungs related issues will be prominent in 2017.

Fire element is considered to be good for business and always gives boost to stock market and the financial sectors. 2017 being a yin fire year will give boost to the global economy. However Yin fire is a weak fire, therefore the stock market will boom in the spring and summer months particularly well as these seasons are hot and will support the weak fire. By October 2017 the markets will cool down as the fire becomes weaker with the onset of autumn and winter.

But not all industries will be affected negatively. The combination of yin fire and metal will help boost industries that are governed by water such as shipping, and transportation. Travel business related to cruise liners would do well. If we look at the interaction of elements, then earth supports metal. Therefore industries dominated by earth element will also flourish. Expect property prices to stabilize globally and there will be a rise in property transactions. Metal element is dominant throughout 2017 and so industries related to metal element will do. Expect computer, manufacturing of cars and construction businesses to pick up in 2017.

Now let’s look at the feng shui aspect of 2017. Flying Star School of feng shui takes into consideration the moving energies and its changing nature in relation with time. Every year certain energies move from one direction to the other and 2017 is no different. It is a must that you take care of these moving energies so that your immediate environment remains stable. The flying star number 5 is outdated and carries bad energy. This star moves into the direction of south. The best way to combat the negative influence of this star is to hang a 6-rod metal windchime in the South direction. The second star that is outdated and instigates health problem is star number 2. This star is moving into the direction of Northwest in 2017. Hanging six metal coins tied in a red string can help dissolve this star. These are the two most harmful stars and must be dealt with urgency in 2017. Another harmful star 3 that causes conflict and robbery will be found in the West.  This start needs to be exhausted by the use of colour red. Therefore display red candles or carpet in the West direction of your home. The last outdated star to impact your living environment is the star number 7. This star is arriving in the Southwest and can be cured by displaying three pieces of bamboo in water. These cures may look simple on the surface. But are highly effective and help in balancing your surroundings for 2017.

And last but not the least; the interaction of yin fire with metal will lead to overall feeling of restlessness and disharmony. Therefore it is highly recommended that you practice meditation or mindfulness to maintain inner equilibrium. The key to going through 2017 is to keep cool, be positive and look after yourself. Happy Year of The Rooster!


By: Shivani Adalja

Shivani Adalja is a Dubai-based feng shui and wellbeing practitioner, author of several leading papers and columns on the subject, motivational speaker, Intuitive Counselor and one of the most sought after personalities in the Middle East. An esteemed member of the Board of Directors for the prestigious Soneva group, Shivani holds advisory positions with several local companies in UAE. A qualified Master practitioner of Feng Shui, Business Practitioner of NLP with a Master’s Degree in Sociology and expertise in the field of Energy Management, Shivani is the founder of the Alignment therapy, which is a holistic technique that incorporates a combination of Hypnosis and Meditation improving alignment and balance, naturally eliminating the underlying causes of pain and physical limitation and used effectively to deal with a number of issues like stress, grief, past trauma, addiction and weight loss.




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