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Vitamin C – The Skin-Boosting Ingredient You Need to Know About.


Do you want brighter, tighter and overall better-looking skin? There’s an ingredient for that: vitamin C. The powerhouse ingredient is a potent antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation, pigmentation, and promotes healthy collagen production. 

Vitamin C should be part of every skincare regime no matter what skin type, but all vitamin Cs aren’t made equal. Certain types of vitamin C break down and are less effective when exposed to oxygen. Ascorbic acid is the A-plus of vitamin Cs backed by scientific research and proven results.

Skin Republic’s range of three brightening masks contains the ascorbic acid derivative of vitamin C making them incredibly effective at targeting dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet (AED 22) – Think of this mask as your morning glass of orange juice, but with a side of antioxidant protection for a gorgeous complexion. Bonus? Studies show that vitamin C’s effects are more potent when its combined with vitamin E or ferulic acid. Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask not only contains vitamin C and E but also niacinamide. You don’t get better than that!

Brightening Eye Mask (AED 30 for 3 masks) – Nobody wants dark circles! To make matters worse, dark circles aren’t only under the eyes but can also appear on the inner corners and eyelids. Talk about a double whammy! Luckily, the Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask targets the entire eye area (even with little eye flaps for the top lids).

2 Step Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask (AED 27) – Because exfoliation, pigmentation’s other nemesis, is vital in evening skin tone and reducing dark spots, this complete facial treatment contains a pure brown sugar scrub to slough off dead skin cells and help the second step, the Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet, penetrate deeper into the skin.

With this range of brightening masks, pigmentation doesn’t stand a chance! 


To learn more about the story of the Skin Republic brand, visit www.theskinrepublic.com and keep up with the latest news on Instagram @SkinRepublicArabia.


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