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Transform Your Home by Putting Your Wanderlust on Your Walls

Ambreen Jamil shares tips to transform your home by putting your wanderlust on your walls

We’ve all mastered the art of Instagram and posting our memories there. However, it appears that after technology took over, many of us have forgotten what it feels like to see your travel memories in your space. Destination inspired design has been around for years and Ambreen Jamil, a self-taught photographer and artist views it as a way of bringing your personal travel experiences into your space.

“Remember the days when the only way we could share our travel memories was by showing them in a photo album. We took pride in printing those travel photos and hanging them on our walls. I remember growing up and my space was full of photos that reminded me of my most memorable moments. Now we have to login to our social media accounts to experience these memories.” Ambreen reflects.

“It doesn’t have to remain this way.” She adds.  “My travel photos have helped me connect with people, especially those who’ve already been to the places I have travelled to. They help start conversations in my home and it’s beautiful to see my family reminiscing about all the beautiful places we’ve travelled to together.”

Most people find it difficult to organize and display their travel photos but it does not have to be difficult.  Here are some tips:

Focus on much more than just the destination: Travel photos do not always have to be about the destination as this might limit your creativity. If you didn’t capture the best destination photos well, focus on the things you did and the memories you shared.  The key is to find the treasure behind the photos. Look for items that tell the story of the place you’ve visited and let the magic flow through your photography.

In one of my own trips, I took a photo of a stuntman on his bike. It’s one of the best conversation starters in my living room. One of my clients also wanted to curate photos from her recent trip to Africa but she did not know where to start. She mentioned that she volunteered at a local school and I knew the themes and colors from the trip would be great for her space.”  Adds Ambreen.

Use your travel memories to add color to your space: Every culture has its own unique ways of using colors and textures. Some cultures have bright hues inspired by the vibrancy of their life, while others prefer earthy tones that connect them to nature. Photos of Mediterranean destinations like Greece can be a great way to add whites and blues to a room to make it feel calmer and add a restful holiday vibe. Use the colors and textures in your travel photos alongside fabrics that bring those themes to life.

Considering what your furniture looks ensures you avoid creating a color-clash:  I often treat my photos using Photoshop to change the colors and tone them to the color I want. For example in one photo I changed the color of a bicycle from black to blue to add a touch of color to a very modern room. If color is not an option for you, you can edit your photos into sepia tones or black and white.”” Ambreen advises.

Turn your wall into Instagram: Remember when this way the only way to show off pictures of your favorite band? Displaying your photos in a collage on a wall can be a creative way to showcase lower resolution photos. Avoid large format prints and create a photo display collage using smaller prints.

“Go big and a dramatic with a collage of travel photographs, snapshots and other mementos and create a memorable wanderlust gallery.” Ambreen advices.


Need help editing or choosing print options, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ambreen on her Instagram account – @Insta.ajp. 

Ambreen Jamil is a self-taught Artist Photographer from Karachi, Pakistan and based in Dubai. Her artwork reflects the zest of life with perceptions altered or enhanced using color.  Her career spans over 10 years with projects ranging from photo books, travel diaries, portfolios, and wedding albums.  

 Want to order some commissioned art pieces from Ambreen? Please contact her on: ajphotography70@gmail.com or follow her on Instagram – @Insta.ajp. 



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