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Describing itself as a Sweat Hub, DRYP – it’s quite literally the hottest new fitness centre in Dubai. On offer here is a schedule of Hot Yoga and other Hot Fitness classes, all conducted in 40-degree heat and +40 humidity to deliver many amazing benefits for your body, mind and overall wellbeing. Yogalife chats with Founder and Dubai based health and fitness entrepreneur and “serial health nagger” Natasha Rudatsenko to know more about this ‘heated’ trend that is sweeping the fitness industry.

Your comments on the ‘Heated Trend’ that is sweeping the fitness industry…

The love for Hot Yoga has been going on for some time already. I started feeling it 4 years ago when I founded RAWR Yoga. I personally loved this class from the first sweat, and for me it was the way it made me feel after each class that kept bringing me back again and again. I tried so many other classes and types of fitness workouts, but never had the same feeling after any other class – this was a special feeling of euphoria to me. After I sold RAWR in order to start my other business Muncherie Organic Food Manufacturing, I still was very much into hot yoga and tried to practice regularly. Last year I made the decision to develop a new centre for those who love hot yoga like me, but make it even better. I know so many people who have healed themselves or improved their wellbeing through hot yoga practice and I am one of them. So, for me it will never be just a trend. I have experienced incredible health miracles from hot yoga multiple times in my life and I genuinely can’t live without it.

What are the benefits of temperature control in fitness? In terms of cardio, detox, flexibility etc.?

Heat is very healing, for many reasons:

  1. Flexibility. The Heat allows our circulatory systems to flow with greater ease, while increasing blood flow to the limbs. The warmth that is created in the muscles allows your body to move more freely from posture to posture. In addition, a body that is warmed up can twist, bend, and stretch further, which allows for an internal organ massage. All inner glands, organs, ligaments, and muscles are compressed and therefore are stimulated to get the benefits.


  1. Mental power. Practicing hot yoga requires you to push even further beyond your edge and place of comfort. As they say, life begins when we step out of our comfort zone – this teaches you to stay calm no matter what the external circumstances are. In addition, the challenge of a heated class make the obstacles of our lives off the mat much easier to cope with. Mind over matter is the motto this practice teaches us.


  1. Weight Loss. Hot yoga creates a massive eliminationof toxins in the body due to the large amount of sweating that occurs. Your body burns fat more effectively in the heat too, and you will notice a decrease in centimeters quickly with consistent practice.


  1. Glowing Skin. The increase in sweat also benefits our skin and you will be leaving the class with an obvious hot yoga glow. After all, the largest organ of our body is the skin, and a 90-minute class will surely detoxifythe pores.


5. Immune System. Your body will become better equipped to fight infection with hot yoga practice; similar to that fact that your body raises its temperature to fight infection, the raised temperature in the room will assist

in improving T-cell function and the proper functioning of your immune system.


  1. Physical and emotional healing. Sweat really does heal. It will help your body naturally identify the source of the problem and then focus all its energy on healing without you being aware of it. Many health miracles have been achieved through regular hot yoga practice.


Is there a better mental connection with the body in a heated class? If yes, why?

100%! As I mentioned earlier, heated classes increase your focus and mental strength. Practicing hot yoga is challenging, but it builds willpower and focus and teaches you to stay calm even in stressful uncomfortable situations.

And how hot is the normal hot? This is because recent studies have questioned this form of yoga. I mean, the heat on heat experience that happens coz’ the body also generates heat and the external temperature is also hot…

We practice in 40 degrees and yes, our bodies also generate heat. Therefore, hot yoga is so detoxifying as there is always extensive sweating in order to cool the body down. This is a similar philosophy to that of the sauna. In addition, our Studio uses infrared panels which is even better than conventional heated rooms. Infrared heating has clear health benefits for the human body. While conventional heaters produce the heat that warms up the air and surfaces, Infrared heaters heat objects and people directly. It creates a movement of the heat in the body through optimum blood circulation and this way produces a sense of deep warmth for the whole body. Infrared has been used for many years to treat many ailments including, rheumatism, arthritis, and various skin complaints. Sports injury clinics also use them to help speed up recovery of muscle and tissue damage. It also helps increase blood flow, increase the Immune System, promote healthier skin, reducing allergies and breathing problems including Asthma. Infrared heat doesn’t dry the air, so moisture in the skin remains in the skin, just as nature intended. This helps to ease eczema and has been used to treat a wide range of other skin conditions such as Psoriasis, abscess, flushes, bumps, acne, Basal cell (Carcinoma), Melanoma, discoloration, flaking or scaly, fatty growths, hemorrhages, pale or greyness, rashes, inflammation, and wrinkles and by boosting the reproduction of collagen cells, it also helps reduce the aging process.


Are there any contra-indications of this method for some people suffering from some diseases?

There are no contradictions apart from the ones where people with heart problems and those who are advised to avoid increasing their heart rate or exercise. These are the people who should avoid hot yoga.


How can you determine whether ‘Fitness in the Heat’ is good for you or not?

Hot Yoga has similar benefits to a sauna, but instead of passive extensive sweating, we also positively stimulate the rest of the body. It never gets as hot as in a sauna of course, but the benefits are very similar!

How does one prepare for this Fitness training? Any precautions to be kept in mind?

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. It is very important to drink plenty of water before and after the class, and add some electrolytes too as the body loses magnesium and sodium during active sweating. Also, as before any fitness class, we advise you to avoid eating heavy meals 2 hours before. Fruits or a healthy snack is totally fine.


What are the best pre and post workout food before and after a Hot fitness session?

Fresh coconut water, bananas, apples or any other fruits, freshly squeezed juices and water with lemon or lime is recommended before. Post workout meal – the best would be a vegan protein shake, with pea or pumpkin protein with berries or fruits. You can find all this at our Organic DRYP Kitchen. We serve Raw, vegan, gluten free, sugar free and totally delicious treats, snacks and drinks that will provide essential nutrition before or after the class.


5 reasons why I should opt for Hot Fitness…


  • Deeper detox through increased circulation and Infra-Red heating
  • Faster weight loss
  • Strong mental power / endurance / focus
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Improved flexibility through deep but safe stretching


Lastly, Aqua fitness, Megaformers, Crosscuit and now Hot Fitness, is it a trend or is here to stay?

I can’t speak for other classes, but I personally firmly believe in heated fitness. Saunas have been around for ages and they aren’t going anywhere soon in terms of their healing benefits. So, I would say that hot yoga or any other hot fitness classes are here to stay and have more than proven themselves already in terms of the myriad of health and wellness benefits. Let’s DRYP!


To find out more visit www.dryp.ae or follow DRYP on Instagram (@Dryp_ae) or Facebook (@Dryp) to keep up-to-date with the latest news and views.

About Natasha:

Natasha Rudatsenko, CEO and Founder of Muncherie Organic Foods and DRYP

is a Dubai based health and fitness entrepreneur who describes herself as a “serial health nagger” after regularly pestering family and friends into living a healthier lifestyle through a combination of yoga, exercise and good food.

Natasha’s passion for what she does and positive attitude, as well as her friendly and non-judgmental approach and ability to relate to women has quickly made her a popular ‘nagging’ force on the UAE health and wellness scene.   Keep up with Natasha’s latest news and health nagging at @bio_diva.


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