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The Source Of Life

“The Buddha, the Christ, and other great Teachers of the world, went to the source of life. They became the Master Artists. Once knowing the nature and the supreme greatness of the Source, They became Themselves that Source, the Path, and the Embodiment of Wisdom and Love. This should be our purpose. You cannot all be the Buddha or the Christ, but you can all have the same dreams, the longings, the desires, the aspirations. When once you have realized the glory of Their Kingdom, then you can work out for yourself along what particular line of creation you will express your vision of that eternal glory. Then you will be the greatest of writers, or the greatest of artists, or the greatest of scientists; then you will have the tongue of the learned. There lies the thrill of spirituality, the only ambition in the world that it is worthwhile possessing. You must be independent – not only emotionally and intellectually – but also of all physical entanglements. This is the only way to attain the greatest happiness – by gaining complete liberty in thought, in emotions, and in all things physical. This is the only way to live in the Kingdom of Happiness.”


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