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June 18, 2018
By Yogalife

The Magic of Chia at Seedology

Seedology is the newest addition to the plethora of healthy eating places in Dubai. Located at Al Safa, this chia seed inspired café with its inspiring menu is sure to make a mark on the Dubai Culinary scene. Chia seeds have many uses and benefits due to their high nutrient content and Incans used chia as a staple of their diet and as an energy food. Seedology serves Chia in a delicious, creative manner!

The ambience is warm, welcoming, vibrant, funky, and child-friendly with gaily painted walls and comfortable seats all around. A TV screen playing programmes for kids along with engaging board games, puzzles, stuffed toys, beanbags and loungers, and a play station ensure that kids are kept busy and helps you enjoy your meal and spend a relaxing time in here.

The food includes a good mix of salads, appetizers, rolls, sandwiches, hot and cold sips with a variety of delicious smoothie options with Chia.

Some of the dishes are named on popular characters and of places of Dubai. Burj Khalychee which we had, was a delicious mix of Mango, Peach, Lychee with Rose water and Khaksir seeds.


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