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The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu

It is as it is, and as it is, it is

I came across the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) in 2007, first through a self-help class followed later by a 5-day course. To this day I can remember being completely overwhelmed by the limitlessness and depth of the teachings, and being awed by the accounts of those having already experienced this art in their personal journeys and help they had received and passed on through JSJ. Winding the clock 10 years forward, I too can account many tales where this Art has helped myself, and human and animal receivers. Who can benefit from it? Absolutely every living being!

For people who like to refer to energy work as ‘mumbo jumbo’, the fact that JSJ comes with a “user manual”, and rather than “healing”, it is about “harmonising”, appears to be a confidence boost to the effect that it is a true thing. For those of us more inclined towards the power of energy, one can actually feel the energy pathway ebbs and flows with JSJ. A believer or not, the art presents a subtle yet powerful way to regenerate, rebalance, repair, and relax our whole system – mind, body, and spirit.


While JSJ is still not so well known in the world, we can see evidence of our innate wisdom using JSJ holds to help us release stress/calm down (arms crossed hands touching the upper arms), calm and nurture (babies sucking the thumb) etc., which shows us how deeply this ancient art exists in our BEing.

The Art of JSJ, according to ancient records kept in the Archives of the Imperial Palace in Japan, is said to have been widely known since before the birth of Buddha (India), Moses (recorded in the Bible), and Kojiki (Japan, AD712) and it was passed over generations through verbal teachings. In the 1950s JSJ was brought to the western world by Mary Burmeister, after having learnt the art from Master Jiro Murai, who discovered it early 1900’s and who, after recovering from a terminal illness by applying the Art of JSJ on himself, dedicated his life to understanding, and documenting JSJ. The name literally translates to “The Art of the Creator Expressed through Knowing and Compassionate Man”.

Like an onion, JSJ looks at the body, mind, and spirit as 9 layers, each of these layers representing certain psychological, physiological, and philosophical functions. Like an onion, the whole is made up of these different layers. Any dis-harmony / project going on at one level, will not only effect that layer, but all the others, and balancing a layer, will equally have an effect on the rest.

JSJ is based on the concept of energy flow and how the energy streams through our physical bodies and the 9 layers. The ‘blue print’ is where everything is in perfect balance. However, through our different experiences in life, the blue print gets scrambled and dis-harmony occurs; and this may show itself in various ways – dis-ease; trouble sleeping; lack of energy and concentration, etc. This is where “projects” emerge, and in these “off – blue print -states” our energy flow gets stuck or dis-harmonised.

In JSJ, hands are used as “jumper cables” by lightly pressing on 26 “Safety Energy Locks” that are in charge of the energy flowing through our bodies and it’s 144,000 energy functions.

A JSJ session involves the receiver lying down face up on a treatment bed, remaining fully clothed. The practitioner starts by “listening” to the pulse of the received by applying light pressure on the inner wrists of the receiver, and this will help him/her to determine which flow to select for the receiver. The selected flow will aim to harmonise, and unblock energy pathways of the body. One session will take approximately one hour, during which time the receiver remains still on the treatment bed, and the practitioner moves through the selected flow/flows by moving their hands over the relevant Safety Energy Lock -holds.

While every receiver will have their individual experience with the session, the most common effect is that of deep relaxation. Many people also report deeper sleep as one of the first findings.

Another JSJ description is The Art of Getting to KNOW (help) MYSELF, and a key part of the teaching is self-help. It can be as simple as holding of the fingers of our hands. This can be done at any time, and best results are experienced when this is worked into a repeated practice. The simple suggestion is to take 10-15 minutes daily for your routine, as follows:

Get yourself into a comfortable seated position, close your eyes, relaxing your face by focusing in having a soft smile on your lips, and start. Hold each of your fingers by the other hand, by gently wrapping your fingers around your thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger at a time. Hold at least as long as it takes for you to “hear” the pulse on that finger; breathing deeply at least 5 times. Over time, increase the breath to 36 inhales and exhales for each finger. You will learn that by practice, the pulse becomes apparently quicker, and you will possibly discover a favourite finger, which will mean that is the area in your body wanting the most attention at this time.

Another great self-help hold is for releasing tension in the neck and shoulders – and who wouldn’t want to release that “pain in the neck”! Simply place your left hand over your left shoulder, fingers at the back of your shoulder, and place your right hand fingers in the crease of your left elbow. Hold for at least 10 deep inhales and exhales, listening to your own pulse. Then release, and repeat on the right side. In addition to the neck and shoulder pain releasing, this hold also alleviates aches and pains in the body; lubricates the joints; helps the skeletal structure, and detoxifies the body.


About Tiina-Maija Bergman

Founder of MindYourBusiness, a Dubai based company offering Life and Wellness Coaching, Healing sessions (2- and 4-legged BEings), Mindfulness Consultancy and Workplace Wellness services Tiina-Maija Bergman is a woman on a mission to boost well-BEing of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Like so many others, Tiina-Maija has the past in corporate management and it was the high demands of the job that drove her in search of extra breathing space and stress relief and found it in the holistic healing arts. Over the past 14 years, this quest has brought along many arts of energy work including Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Pranic Healing, and Yoga, where her Mindfulness practices have its birthing place. Tiina-Maija’s other life passion is dogs and experiencing the wonders of energy work on them. Her home troops presently consist of 3 rescued pups – Zola, Mellie and Bob.

An avid recreational athlete herself, Tiina-Maija loves to guide and inspire her clients on their wellness journey. Not to keep things completely zen, she is also a certified indoor cycling instructor at Souplesse, a RealRyder studio in Dubai, UAE. As of August 2017, Tiina-Maija is also an international Retreat organiser together with her partner at Celestial Journeys. The inaugural retreat The Joy of the Heart is held in Bangalore, India 4-6th August.

to contact; email tmb@myb-solutions.com | +971 50 552 3647 | mindyourbusiness.ae


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