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Surrounded by Serenity

Laura Brown experiences Wellness along the Lake at the beautiful valley of Canton de Vaud, Switzerland.

As I dip my toes in the water of the spa, the words of the Dalai Lama echo in my head: “Spend some time alone everyday.” it is the first time, I decide to take time away from my daily tasks, from my families routines, the daily chores, the weekly activities, from being busy and surrounded by a constant demand and now, when my feet touch the water reality hits. I am alone and will be for my stay – the only company I will receive is the spa therapist, perhaps later in the day even a masseuse, to loosen up the tight muscles, even calming my skin and senses.

A landscape of pure bliss

The beautiful valley of Canton de Vaud, Switzerland is home to some exquisite palace hotels on the banks of Lake Geneva, Lac Leman to the locals. With a backdrop of the French and Swiss Alps, this beauty of a destination sure tickles the senses in so many ways, yet I am here for one thing only and that is; pure bliss.

The crystal clear water of the lake has a calming effect, where in the distance picturesque villages and snow-capped mountain peaks are reflected: a mirror resting in the middle of the landscapes. The crisp white snowy tops shimmer in the early afternoon sunlight and, as if on request, a soft breeze rustles the tree branches along the quay, in the distance the UNESCO vineyards show off their layered terraces.

Natural wellness from the Earth

My journey to Vaud starts with a train ride to the mountains, followed by a guided mountain walk through Rochers-De-Naye, a singular mountaintop with views as far as the eyes can see. The crisp mountain air tantalizes my skin as the blood starts circulating through my ligaments during this brisk uphill walk. The flowing fields are covered in a thin layer of mist; the snow has not yet been able to place a white blanket over the landscape thus I am enjoying some greens and subdued colours. In spring, these beautiful meadows will be in full bloom of hundreds of plant species and wild flowers. Now, the beauty is in the distance where the rugged mountaintops alternate with softer scenes, and little villages appear as almost out of nowhere. The views have a calming effect; just as much I am enthralled by the panoramas as I am in awe by the splendour of nature surrounding me. And this all, seems only the beginning.

The region is know for its medical and spa treatment centres along the shores, as well as in the mountainous terrain – where natural springs are the sources for purity and wellness, literally, as in Lavey-Les-Bains Thermal Spa offers warm natural spring water from the earth. Wellness hotels and centres offer plenty of diversity and with an array of qualified professionals guests are in good hands. Along the lake medical clinics and wellness centres grant guests a new approach to health and wellbeing with state-of-the-art facilities and modern treatment areas, where offerings from healthcare to wellness programs are tailor-made.

Balancing health, life and beauty

My morning starts with that dip in the spa pool of Hotel des Trois Couronnes, based in Vevey – the birthplace of milk chocolate, located on the shores of Lac Leman. The spa is set under ancient stone arches of Belles Truches Castle, only discovered after an intense renovation of the grounds, and offers a panoramic lake view and in warmer weather access to the outdoor lawns. The indoor pool even has an underwater sound system to make the pool lengths pleasurable and the loungers are a comfortable resting place before treatments start.

Not long after my laps and a refreshment of scented water, I am calmly whisked to the treatment room where the initial consultation will take place. The philosophy of Epidermologie is to treat the skin as if it were an eco-system. The Epidermologist evaluates and improves the harmony between the skin’s good and bad elements and deliver the right skincare steps that will bring balance to its flora. “As if skin is like our beautiful planet Earth, we must adopt the right attitude and measures to ensure that it evolves in harmony,” she explains. Not long after, I am infused with lotions to create that all important balance and I cannot wait to feel and see the result of the method. The rest of the day I linger by the pool, in between being served a healthy lunch, and later on treated to a deep tissue massage that reminds me to book one more often.

The afternoon passes and as I feel rejuvenated and calm at the same time, I long for a stroll through town as the lake has drawn my attention throughout the day. I crab an apple from the reception area, a golden stamp in the apple marks the hotels logo – a moment I wonder if they are just for display but the concierge understands my worries and helps me out of my mind twist with a welcome: ‘Bon Appetite.’ A beautiful early evening stroll, before dinner is served, along the lake is all I needed as the day draws close to the end. I am enjoying the freshest air I have inhaled for a long time and pass couples walking their dogs, runners getting their fix, families on a bike ride and youngsters sitting on the lake’s edge and cannot wait to see my family again. Knowing, that once I will return to fill my longs with Alpine air and my head with calm or to just simply spend some time alone again.

Pictures provided are copyright to Hotel Des Trois Coronnes and Christof Sonderegger for hotel images, Regis Colombo-diapo, Maude Rion and Golden Pass for destination pictures.

Laura Brown

Growing up in the Middle East, the desert was her sandbox. After living in The Netherlands and exploring the west coast of the USA, Laura moved back to the region where she co-founded Lawrence with Laura Snook. The two Laura’s are both certified personal trainers and have an extensive expertise in the world of travel and contribute to international and local publications as travel writers.






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