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“SPOOKY ACTION FROM A DISTANCE” Discovering energy through love

 It doesn’t take years of isolated meditation in a remote Himalayan cave, to believe that we are made of energy. On a daily basis, we are walking, talking, balls of energy trying to make sense of life while emitting a personalized aura from the inside out and unconsciously, or consciously, absorbing it from the outside in. 

 I’m not a Reiki master, neither am I a scholar of metaphysical teachings, I’m really just a mindful, highly tuned Cancerian with strong intuition and a connection with a higher being that takes me through my days. This is not to say that I never lose sight of my way of thinking when life’s usual distractions blur my mind, but I make the conscious effort to always come back to myself using personal mantras that have helped me through difficult, and seemingly difficult, times. 

Energy can be positive and it can be negative, so the more you build up the positive energy in you the better you can combat any negative energy that may come your way from the outside in an attempt to harm your aura. To put it simply, it’s really just about watching your thoughts and reactions to everything that goes on in your life and manipulating it so that it oozes positive energy. Positive attracts positive, and no matter how much of an effort it may take from you, you must push yourself to believe, and have faith that the universe is by your side. This may sound a bit clichéd, but when I unexpectedly lost my 64-year-old father a month ago whilst I was 7 months pregnant with his first grandchild, this way of thinking is helping me get through the hardest time in my life. 

I am characterized as a “highly sensitive person” which means that I’m strongly affected by the energy around me, and many people can relate to this. It can either make or break my inner soul. Whether it’s the energy emitted by certain people, situations or even environmental factors such as sight and sound, I came to a point where this was manifesting through strong anxiety. For HSPs, the level of empathy is very strong, hence why we feel so strongly, connect so passionately, and believe wholeheartedly. 


When you learn how to use your wand, here is what the most beautiful of energies start to feel and look like. Introducing, the energy of love. 

“Spooky action from a distance” is a theory coined by Albert Einstein. “It involves a pair of particles linked by the strange quantum property of entanglement. Entanglement occurs when two particles are so deeply linked that they share the same existence. Entangled particles can become widely separated in space. But even so, the mathematics implies that a measurement on one immediately influences the other, regardless of the distance between them.” If you believe in “twin spirits” or “soul mates”, then the above should also apply to your story. 

I met my now husband when I was 20 years old. I was pursuing my higher studies in Canada and he was living in Lebanon. During the last week of my usual summer vacation in Lebanon, my best friend convinced me to hang out with a group of friends which included ‘a cute Armenian guy’, to which I reluctantly agreed (later I come to know that my husband also came reluctantly to that party!) 

We all met in a beautiful outdoor garden, under the stars, and he sat right across from me. We didn’t talk or exchange any words all night. I would also learn, years later, that’s it’s exactly how his parents met. Although he didn’t talk, and I found out nothing about him that would help me build a persona in my mind and judge whether or not it suited me, in that silence, was a loud presence that intrigued me. I wasn’t impressed, but somehow, I felt a certain magnetic energy that was drawing me towards him. They decided to drop us home, and in the car, he randomly turned back and asked for my phone number. He immediately asked me out on a date the night after, and the rest is history. It took us 7 days to fall in love, and although I believe in love, I was never a hopeless romantic. During that week, I felt like we had known each other our whole lives. I was 20 and he was 22, and logically I knew that it was just the spur of the moment kind of young love; I had never felt this blinding reassurance with anyone else in my life, and I never would again. 

I returned to Canada that week, and it was very difficult to leave him. 4 months passed, and we tried the long-distance thing which we both knew would eventually fail. We spent another month during Christmas on “vacation mode” as he used to call it. Still, there was something missing. When he decided to end things by the end of the month, due to being too young for a long-distance relationship and me still having another 2 years to graduate university in Canada, I was devastated. Physically and emotionally, I was distraught, although I knew that it was the right thing to do and I myself, had started to become unsure of things. 

I still remember waving goodbye to him, as we drove off to the airport, “if it’s meant to be, we will meet again,” I told him. We officially stopped talking after wishing each other a Happy Valentine’s Day in February and when the summer came around, I drunk texted him, and he said he would see me as “friend,” which is probably because he had moved on and was now dating someone else. 4 years passed, I graduated university and moved to Dubai for my first job, and during this time, I discovered the missing element from this short but powerful relationship. We never connected on a deeper level. I didn’t know his taste and attachment to music, which is a portal to the spiritual world for me, didn’t know how he viewed life or what his ambitions were. I basically fell in love with the surface, however, there was an energy that was holding us together which would take me years to acknowledge. 

For 4 years, he always came to my mind. I wrote about him in my diaries, and somehow kept his memory alive with no intention to act on any of my thoughts. 

Serendipity would then strike in Dubai, where he was visiting his sister. My mom had just randomly asked me what I would do if I were to see him again? Call it a mother’s intuition, but that night, at 360, whilst having drinks with a few friends, I glanced at the bar and saw him with two drinks in his hand. My mind went blank, everything around me froze and the only word that came out of my mouth, was his name. He looked at me wide eyed, and did the same. I walked towards him in complete shock, and hugged him. We ended up hanging out all night together. I think I was more in awe at the universe than I was in seeing him again. Still, there was something missing but my god, why was this guy coming back into my life? He went back to Lebanon and a year went by with us in a limbo stuck in the long-distance hamster wheel again. This time though, I was older and wiser and decided to end the cycle trusting in the universe. 

During that summer, we both separately, took a one-month long self-discovery trip at the same time, he went backpacking in Thailand and I went to London to get engulfed in art, culture and music. We bumped into each other again during an Armenian get together dinner, which we both usually never attend. He had decided to move to Dubai, and he was very confident that we would be together again. He also knew that it was unavoidable and we were drawn to each other by a force that can’t be explained. 

I finally gave it a chance, but it was a very bumpy roller coaster ride. It took 6 months to really get to know each other, and on many occasions, I almost gave up again. At this time, it all became very clear to me. He was my soul mate. The energy that flowed between us was unbreakable. The level of mental, spiritual, and physical connection we reached, no matter the time and distance, was larger-than-life itself. Together, we learned to grow, to compromise, to love, to stand strong, to be patient, to have faith, and to serve as each other’s rock. 

Once we gave in to the universe, it was evident to us that our relationship was written in the stars. We’re both Cancerians and will soon be having a Cancerian baby boy, so there is no doubt how in tune we are with the stars and the sky. We both meditate, acknowledge the importance to slow down the pace of life and appreciate nature and one’s own breath. We both look into each other’s eyes and see the universe. One look, sends a lightning bolt into my very core. A touch of the hand, is not just a friction from the skin at the ends of our bodies, but a transfer of supportive and grounding energy. His voice is not just a sound used to communicate, it’s a higher vibration of soothing waves used to express thoughts and emotions, compliments, and loving words loaded with energy. The smell of his skin is a unique and personal one, that comforts me during my sleep. His bodily presence gives off a warmth I can only describe at the most important energy of all, love. 


About the Author:

HOURY MALJIAN is an Armenian Lebanese writer and PR professional based in Dubai. She is also a 3rd culture kid and enjoys social and cultural writing, contemporary dance, foreign films, music, yoga and meditation and of course travelling the world. She’s an avid YogaLife reader, a dreamer and a passionate publicist. 

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