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Spirituality and Artistic Expression

Art is something that initiates us into the mysteries of life, inspiring us to explore the unknown. Art enables us to celebrate beauty and be aware of the moment and express ourselves and ponder over life, I mean you cannot just look at a ‘Guernica’ by Picasso and walk away; it gets you thinking! Art is our connection to mysticism, raising our consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Innovative and the very talented artist Saziv Shakya, from Kahtmandu, Nepal tells us that the connection between art and spirituality lies within each of us…

What is Art? Art is a result of inspiration, and inspiration has a mystical nature. Art is all about creating something with the use of materials and tools; this opens up an intra-psychic space where spirituality can be recognised, revealed and understood. So, art at its very basic is a spiritual activity. It is a sort of a communication of the human with his/her sense of existence, a moderator between that source and the receiver. The theme, technique, style, are just the means for communication. They vary from artist to artist. The ingenious language of art enables the expression of existential questions related to life and feelings.


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