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Laura Kasperzak has been practising yoga for 17 years and has always been active in cheerleading and gymnastics. Laura loves yoga because it connects with her husband and teaches her kids new poses, which inspired her to take it from her home to Instagram.

Laura Kasperzak has been practising yoga for 17 years and has always been active in cheerleading and gymnastics. Laura loves yoga because it connects with her husband and teaches her kids new poses, which inspired her to take it from her home to Instagram.

Masumi Goldman was a former Wall Street analyst. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that left her frequently immobile. She found yoga and followed a nutrition plan to overcome and rehabilitate parts of her body that were inflamed and in chronic pain. Both mothers of two, they came together with the mutual goal to stay fit and be healthy no matter the circumstances, you can turn back time and be strong with yoga and nutrition. They also posted their progress through Instagram, hoping to inspire others to lead a healthier life. They’ve created a huge fan base with their beautiful inversions and advanced postures.

You can follow them on Instagram: Masumi Goldman (@masumi_g) and Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora). Check out their website for their workshops, events and retreats: www.twofitmoms.com

  1. At what age did you start doing yoga?

MG: I started practising yoga when I was 35 years old.

LK: I started practising yoga when I was 19 years old.

  1. Were you doing yoga before you had kids?

MG: No, I only just recently began practising yoga – in Autumn 2012 – after having both of my kids.  Even though yoga is new to me, I have always been physically active (e.g. running, lifting weights, going to the gym, etc.).

LK: Yes, I started practising yoga about 17 years ago – well before I had my two children.

  1. What was it about yoga that you felt connected to in order to go into teaching?

MG: I don’t think there was anything specific about yoga itself that drove my desire to teach. I’ve always loved teaching. In my previous career as a Wall Street analyst, my favourite aspect of the job was writing product primers and teaching new investors about complex securities. Teaching has always given me great joy and a sense of satisfaction. It just seemed natural to get certified to teach yoga once Laura put the idea in my mind.

  1. How have your kids taken to yoga?

MG: Yes, my kids are curious and interested in my yoga practice. I think kids are naturally inquisitive and if they see their parents participating in an activity, they want to as well! They frequently jump onto my mat, which I think is great.

LK: Yes, my daughter is very interested in yoga. She frequently practises ‘alongside’ of me, and she takes pictures with me. My son is interested in yoga but to a lesser degree and is not as concerned about getting into my shots.

  1. What initiated taking yoga from your living room to Instagram?

LK: I love yoga and I love photography, and Instagram is a visual medium. It made sense for me to start posting my yoga pictures on Instagram, and I think they took off because I joined Instagram early – before other yogis got on board.

MG: Laura encouraged me to start practising yoga. I am a photographer, so, I began taking pictures of my practice and my progress. As Laura mentions, Instagram is a visual medium, and our pictures resonated.

  1. How has that impacted your life and yoga?

MG: Instagram has raised our visibility in the yoga community. Our Instagram followers have encouraged us to make our dream a reality. I’ve always wanted to build a wellness platform and Laura’s always wanted to become a yoga teacher. Two Fit Moms was already in the works, and Instagram gave us the push we needed to bring it to fruition.

  1. When you collaborated to create Two Fit Moms, what has been the response from your students?

TFM: Our students have been very receptive and supportive of Two Fit Moms.  We continue to teach our weekly $5 yoga classes in Lodi, New Jersey and we teach our larger social yoga community through tutorials we post on twofitmoms.com and our pictures on Instagram. We are passionate about making yoga affordable for everyone.

  1. Who is your inspiration?

TFM: Our inspiration comes from many sources: we are inspired by each other, by our teachers, by our families (we want to stay healthy for them), by our students (who never give up) and by the entire Instagram yoga community.

  1. Who would you say was your most memorable student?

TFM: It’s not an individual student that sticks out in our minds, but a scenario that repeats itself each week – a brand new student with no yoga experience and barely any flexibility walks into our class for the first time. They are shy, timid and struggling to balance on one foot for more than a few seconds. We watch students like this progress and transform over a period of a few months, and it’s incredible to watch.

  1. Did you ever think going on to social media you would create such a huge following?

LK: I’m not sure either of us expected the impact we would make on Instagram. I started my account in Spring 2012 at the suggestion of my niece. I started to post some of my yoga pictures and they went viral, so to speak. Masumi started posting her yoga pictures in Autumn 2012 and she started to see similar pick-up on Instagram. Our monthly yoga challenges were what really propelled us – and helped us build an even larger IG following.

  1. What is next for Two Fit Moms?

TFM: Right now, we are focusing on building our business – expanding our website and growing our social media following across multiple channels – not just Instagram. We are most immediately preparing for Fam Jam – a free community yoga event that we co-host in New York City with Yoga Beyond and which, this year, is sponsored by Gaiam. This event will take place at the end of June. More details to come!



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