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Signature Ramadan Retreat

at The Retreat Palm Dubai McGallery by Sofitel

This is a Ramadan Retreat like no other and we tell you why we love it and why you must go!

Ramadan is the Holy Month of fasting and moderation. It brings with it a special customs and rituals, of which food habits play a great part. Eating during Ramadan Iftars is about following the right habits for a balanced meal which contributes to sustaining good health during this holy month. Ramadan Iftars, while being an entirely pleasurable experience with friends and family, can be daunting for those who are conscious about what they eat and drink.

Vibe restaurant at The Retreat Palm Dubai McGallery by Sofitel curates a Signature Ramadan Retreat with all elements of a mind, body, spirit detox and rejuvenation.

The deliciously healthy iftar includes advice on sufficient water, juice of yoghurt intake along with a couple of dates for breaking the fast. This helps prevent dehydration and provides your body with essential fluids. Raw nuts are also a great option as they help you feel full and in control, without the need to binge.

A healthy bowl of soup like a lentil or a chicken soup, an indispensable dish in the Ramadan meal, helps replenish some of the body fluids lost during the day. Salads are hydrating and rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre and give you a feeling of fullness, ensuring you eat minimum portions during the main meal and do not over indulge.

The main dishes are a good mix of rice, potatoes, or burghul, as well as protein like beef, chicken, or fish, in addition to cooked, steamed vegetables.

Moderation is key when it comes to eating starters and sweets because these foods are rich in fats, salt, and sugar. Enjoy these Ramadan treats, but control the size of your portion to stay healthy and prevent weight gain. Eating fatty foods after long hours of fasting causes acidity and indigestion.

Iftar is that time of the year when family and friends celebrate the special season of Ramadan together. This month-long event of spiritual reflection, and austerity urges all to bring that holistic balance in life.

The Retreat Palm Dubai McGallery by Sofitel completes this balance by a number of activities that are a part of the Signature Ramadan Experience.

The Oxygen Therapy is a pleasant way to cope with the lack of oxygen and help or body and mind to improve energy levels, and boost metabolism naturally. Benefits of oxygen therapy include improved cognitive performance; increased stamina and energy levels, reduced stress, removal of toxins, anti-ageing, strengthening the immune system and more. You can select to experience air enhanced with exclusive aromatherapy blends like Lavender, Timber, Freesla for relaxing, calming uplifting, stimulating, soothing experiences.

Colour Therapy is a treatment based on the use of colours. Each colour has its own symbolism related to the senses.  Colour stimulates the mind, affects the body, and releases our emotions. Altearah Bio associates emotions with colour and treatments with essential oils, guided by key words and inspired by your choice of colour from a palette: Purple to restore energy, Orange to spark creativity, Turquoise for serenity, White to reveal purity. Each colour serves as a guide in creating specific products, their composition in terms of fragrance and essential oils, to deliver a true synergy of physical and psychological benefits.

The ancient Ayurvedic practice of a rejuvenating Head, shoulder and hand massage is that perfect antidote to a stressed, tense body and encourages the body’s innate healing in addition to being soothing and relaxing. The therapeutic effects of a relaxing head and shoulder massage are immense. It provides relief from stress and tension headaches, relief of knots from the shoulders and neck, releasing stress and encouraging circulation.

A Wellness Consultation with Vyara Nikolaeva, Wellness and Spa Manager tells you all you need to know about managing yourself holistically. The philosophy goes far beyond simply offering health and wellbeing therapies, it is about reimagining and defining personal rejuvenation, providing tips to revitalise the body and elevate the spirit.

It all ends with a soothing guided Meditation session that helps you take control of your day, your thoughts, your concerns, allowing for reduced stress, regulated moods, and a relaxed happier You!


Source: The Retreat Palm Dubai McGallery by Sofitel


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