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Rhythm of Life by Guruji Sanjeev Krishna



The 12-day “Rhythm of Life” programme, at Sanjeev Krishna Yoga is a stellar program that focuses on breathing, stretching, along with understanding and guidance on the right meditation techniques and nutrition, aiming to improve your health and general wellbeing and teaching you to manage your own health better. Yogalife undertakes the program and tells you all about its life changing benefits…

Day 10

The session began with Guruji initiating us into some basic exercises. These include bending of toes, ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulders etc along with a few stretches and rotations. He explained the importance of optimising bone health and four different kinds of arthritis and reasons they manifested.

Guruji reiterated that wellness and optimum health is all about the Pancha kosha Shuddhi. Understanding yourself in totality from the five points of view. Sharira – know your body and understand what it tells you; mana – it is all about controlling the mind – our minds are powerful and can manifest all that we want in life; prana is about the breath we take that infuses life in us; Vijnyana is about the intellect that we are gifted with and what allows us to take decisions; Ananda is a state of ceaseless joy that we can get into. Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of body, mind and soul.


Day 11

What is Karma? Literally translated, the word Karma means action. … The action of Karma includes movement of our bodies and the movement of our thoughts. The deeper understanding of karma is based on our identity as spiritual beings managed by a vital and divine force. Our karma manifests in our everyday lives through our physical actions, thoughts, feelings, relationships, circumstances, and experiences.

Guruji Sanjeev Krishna explains the different kinds of karma and their effects on our lives in today’s session.


Day 12

The last session of today was all about summing up all that we learnt in the program. What we do daily in our lives makes us who we are in mind, body, and spirit. It is all about the ‘I’. Each individual or ‘I’ have the power to bring about changes in my life, is something we all should understand. Our daily routine should include intake of healthy food at the right time for optimal digestion, a daily practice of asanas for optimum health, pranayama for infusing life energy into ourselves and a regular practice of meditation for a healthy body and a relaxed mind

Please note: All the sessions of ROL are held in large, airy rooms and a healthy meal comprising of soups and salads are provided on all days. Participants partake the food after saying a prayer. This detox helps the program to be more effective, allowing participants maximum benefit.

My experience:

The Rhythm of Life program introduces you to YOU! Sometimes in this fast-paced life we just end up being victims of our day to day routine and do not dwell upon the little things that go a long way in keeping us healthy and happy. The ROL program is a gentle nudge to allow you to think of yourself as a person with a mind body and spirit and not just a human being who exists.

I learnt that while eating right and exercise are two vital factors in wellness, they do not account for all factors ascribed to holistic wellness. Wellness is about the full gamut of mental, emotional, and physical elements of a person. What we do daily, what we eat, how we behave or conduct ourselves, how we think, our interaction with our environment, all define our approach to life and the connection of body, mind, and spirit. It is all about managing the self.

The daily routine of subtle exercises, breathing, stretching, eating right, made me feel a lot more de-stressed. I became more aware of what I was eating, when was I eating it and how it would impact my body. The conscious breathing technique allows us to infuse oxygenated blood to all parts of the body lending a vitality and strength to the limbs, even if done for a few minutes daily. The niggling aches and pains in the joints seemed to vanish. The best part is the meditation; it is amazing to know that meditation is not all about trying to free the mind from thoughts (believe me, I have tried that and the thought of emptying the mind of thoughts is something that I keep thinking about, and this does not allow me to meditate!!!), it is all about letting thoughts flow without dwelling upon a particular one and allowing your mind to relax. Fifteen minutes of this meditation and you are refreshed and re-energised to face the day with immense clarity!

I was one of those who was extenuating my inability to embrace a routine because I simply did not have the time, but ROL has changed all that! It helps us succeed and retake control of our life one step at a time. It empowers you to take the reins of your life in your own hands and steer yourself in the direction of health, happiness, balance, and harmony.

Source: www.sanjeevkrishnayoga.com

Written by; Viki Shah


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