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Rejuvenation the Ayurveda Way!

The Saray Spa at the Mariott Jaddaf, Dubai, is a city spa, designed for that quick lift-me-up for business visitors, guests, and city dwellers. Whether it is that lunch-hour pampering or stress management over the weekend to combat inadequate sleep, worry or environmental factors wrecking havoc, this Spa takes care of it all!

The Ayurvedic spa treatments at the Saray Spa transport you into Zen mode. The spa’s interior features muted lighting, water bodies, scented candles, comfortable seating — all designed to make you relax. The treatment room is large and spacious designed for comfort.

The treatment: When one thinks Ayurvedic Massages, it the oil and their texture that can be a cause for concern on a busy visit, but Dr. Anand, the Spa Manager puts my fears to rest as he explains that the oils- used are light and non-greasy and decided based on one’s dosha. He opts for a vata pitta combination for me and at the end I realise he was absolutely right!

The warm aromatic oil used in the Massage was light and wasn’t uncomfortably sticky. The rejuvenating properties of the Balaswagandhadi Oil, as explained by the therapist Leo, strengthens muscles and stimulates nerves. Balancing vata and pitta it is restorative and aids in cell regeneration. She added that the Ksheerbala Oil for the hair and head is specially used for migraines and is effective for relaxation and insomnia, Useful for Vata pita types, it is particularly good for shirodhara and head massage.

Leo asked me about the pressure preferred as we all know that a massage is all about the right kind of pressure and that varies for every individual. She was gentle yet form with her expert strokes and she talked me through the process and explained that the oil she used was natural with healing, therapeutic properties. With each stroke, I could feel the knots dissolving and the stress melting away. I was almost falling asleep with the rhythmic strokes while gentle soothing music played in the background. Leo was applying pressure on all the right points to relieve the stress, relax the muscles and stimulate the nerves.

You also have the option of enjoying a rejuvenating steam and sauna experience before or after the massage based on your preference. What’s not to love about a tranquil massage that uses Ayurvedic products that are organic and curative in nature?

We say: Go for that stress-busting hour.


Source: Saray Spa | JW Marriot Marquis Dubai


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