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November 24, 2019
By Yogalife

Redikall Crystalline Mind Workshop


Redikall is a copyrighted and trademarked curriculum to enhance people’s conscious connectivity to the Super Conscious Mind for ongoing healing, guidance, answers, solutions, and directions for personal and spiritual growth.

The Curriculum begins with the ‘Redikall Crystalline Mind’ workshop where you learn a super fast and super quick technique to declutter mind and reorganize the information stored in the Subconscious mind so that people start having conscious access to the vast potential of the subconscious mind.
The technique taught in the workshop can help you in instant pain management, stress management, gaining clarity in decision making, and enhancing focus as well as concentration. One can use this technique to improve sleep or do regular meditation for personal and spiritual growth as well.
Some of the benefits are:
  • Ability to remain calm irrespective of outer turbulence.
  • Ability to focus on solutions
  • Ability to resolve relationship issues.
  • Ability to tap into inner wisdom
  • Ability to reduce distractive thoughts and emotions.
Redikall can complement any therapeutic modality and it can be an amazing tool to guide meditation and yoga students.
Redikall can also be used for self-healing, wellbeing, personal and spiritual enhancement, and increasing awareness, getting intuitive answers and solutions.
understand the philosophy and theory behind specific commands and affirmations
Learn the art of designing and reciting specific statements which unlock the doors to the subconscious mind and improves the storage system in the Subconscious Mind
Learn the art of Modifying the statements to apply them in ‘self-healing’, instant relaxation, concentration improvement, pain management, emotional response refinement, health, and relationship improvement, improving a sense of well-being.
  • Better concentration,
  • mood stability
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Ease from emotional and physical pains
  • Health improvement
  • Relationships Improvement
  • Sleep improvement,
  • Better decision making,
  • Improving intuitive capacity for finding answers, solutions, directions, and guidance.
The therapist can teach and mentor this technique to their clients and they can learn and practice under the supervision of the therapist.
Even a non-therapist can easily learn and practice and avail benefits independently and save a lot of money.
Learning this technique reduces the need for therapeutic intervention as the participants can solve several problems themselves after learning this technique.
Aatmn Bio:
Aatmn Parmar is a Homoeopathic Physician, who practiced for 15 years in Mumbai before she started teaching alternative therapies and mind related subjects to corporates, N.G.O’S, and groups of individuals.
She has trained people in several corporates such as Taj Group of Hotels, Birla Sunlight, Ruchi Soya, HSBc, Anand Niketan Group of Schools.
She has discovered several therapeutic techniques for health and mind
management which she effectively teaches in many countries in India
and several countries abroad such as Poland, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Hong Kong, etc.

She was born and brought up in J.V.P.D. Mumbai. At the moment she is settled in Ahmedabad and travels extensively to teach her amazing techniques.


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