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Ramadan – A Date Affair



For over 7000 years, dates have played a significant role in the UAE’s culture and identity and till today, remain a big part of the culture and traditions that make up the foundation of the UAE. Dates are universally enjoyed during Ramadan as the traditional Ramadan sweet snack to break the fast. What makes dates so popular and in demand during the Holy Month? Tony N. Al Saiegh, Executive Director, The Date Room tells us all we need to know about dates. 

Dates have played an integral part in Emirati culture for many generations, as dates were the perfect item for Bedouins and travelers to take with them, thanks to their long shelf lives and small size and shape. Date palms were referred to as trees of life, holding traditional as well as nutritional value.

Dates are known to provide a number of necessary nutrients.

Iftar is the time when families and loved ones gather together to break the fast and enjoy their evening meal together. Among many other mouth-watering items on the Iftar table, dates are the sultan of the evening! It’s the first item people usually break their fast with, as they are sweet and provide energy while being easy to digest and delicious to taste.

The Date Room offers a wide variety of dates, the most popular being Kholas, Fard, Lulu, Bumaan, Khadrawi and Razaiz.


Kholas date taste like candied caramels that will satisfy any sweet craving. These delicious dates are packed with natural fibers, minerals and sugar to give you the energy to get you through a busy day. These dates are sweet and sticky and melt in the mouth like candy.


These fat free dates are jam-packed with calcium, vitamins, iron, minerals and are cholesterol free. These delightful tasty treats can be enjoyed in moderation to enjoy weight loss benefits. These dates are smaller in size, with a tender skin and a sweet flavour.


Characterized by their luxurious and distinctive qualities, Lulu dates are dark brown with a juicy texture and rounded shape. Lulu dates are extremely popular and highly anticipated as they are only found during the middle of the harvesting seasons. They are more round in shape than other dates and are delicious to taste.


The Bumaan dates are a healthy substitute for sugary treats as they contain natural sugars like glucose, sucrose and fructose. The Bumaan dates health benefits include containing nutrients, natural sugars and they are even used as a remedy to help soothe stomach aches.


These dates are packed with minerals and nutrients such as Manganese, copper and selenium meaning these are great for healthy bones, blood sugar regulation and fighting off toxins in the body. These dates are stout and oval in shape and the perfect snack.


These medium sized Razaiz dates are dark in color and balanced in sweetness. These dates are low in the simple carbohydrates that can contribute to diabetes and obesity, for them to be enjoyed by all.

What are the 10 Proven Benefits of Having Dates?


Dates are nutritionally rich in vitamins and minerals, which make them an ideal snack – that can be consumed at any time of the day – to keep your health in check.


One of the best advantages of dates is that it’s an iron-rich fruit and can help with tackling anaemia.


They contain a mineral called boron – which can strengthen the bones, immensely.


One of the main benefits of dates is that it’s also high in fiber, which helps with digestion and helps to keep the blood sugar in check.


They are also rich in antioxidants that help fight several diseases.


Moreover, dates also promote digestion as they contain amino acids that help with smooth digestion of food particles.


Dates have been termed as one of the best alternatives for white sugar and the best part? It’s nutritious!

8. HELP INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS: The dates are also extremely beneficial when it comes to increasing energy levels as dates contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose and fructose.

9. AID IN HEALTHY WEIGHT GAIN: Dates are known to support with managing the weight as they are rich in natural sugars, proteins, vitamins and minerals – all essential nutrients that the body requires to function, hence it can help you feel less hungry.

10. IMPROVES BOWEL HEALTH: Last but not the least, it has also been proven that dates can play an important role in tackling cancer cells by improving bowel health.



Tony N. Al Saiegh, Executive Director, The Date Room 

Born and raised in UAE, Tony N. Al Saiegh is a young entrepreneur with a keen inclination towards creative arts. He is the Executive Director of The Date Room, a modern concept that produces authentic Emirati home grown dates that are luxuriously packaged and held to the highest standards. The brand puts an emphasis on promoting healthy dates grown in the UAE by local farmers and invests in research and recipe development to enable local and international consumers enjoy exquisite dates 

For more information, visit www.thedateroom.ae

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