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Preparing for Ironman? Here are 5 tips to get you through!


  1. Get a good coach

A coach is the best way to ensure you are adequately prepared for Ironman – you need to ensure you are in the best physical condition before you attempt such a feat. A good coach will provide a structured plan to help you work on aerobic fitness and building endurance – two critical aspects of an Ironman. Behind every great athlete is an even better coach.


  1. Diet is key

You can’t out-train a bad diet. Make sure you’re giving your body the right fuel that it needs to repair and recover from the intense training sessions. Hydration is also imperative. I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day – it helps with the functioning of organs and muscles and leaves me feel fresh and ready to go.

  1. Stay psychologically and mentally determined

I always say the M in Ironman stands for Mental strength. When you mention you’re training for an Ironman, people always comment on the physical strength requirements but mental strength is important too. You’re only going to achieve your goals if you are determined enough. It’s all in the head; if you can complete an Ironman, you can do anything!


  1. Avoid Injury – preventative is best!

I like to take the approach of avoiding injuries before they can hinder my training. Activities like physiotherapy and yoga play a big part of my training so I can stretch my muscles and avoid injuries.

  1. Your family is your biggest cheerleaders!

I started training back in 2012 after getting a green light from my wife. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it without her support. I’ve only been able to complete 5 Ironman events because my wife and my son have been there for me and have supported me the entire time.

Nikhil Kapur–Co‐founder

An Ironman Tri‐athlete by passion, Nikhil is the Co‐Founder Director of the award‐winning Atmantan Wellness Resort, a one of its kind International wellness resort located in Mulshi, a hill station near Pune, India. The resort was most aptly inaugurated on World Health Day in 2016 and offers a deep, authentic and multi-°©‐dimensional wellness experience to its guests. The luxury lifestyle magazine – GQ, awarded him among the ‘50 Most Influential Young Indians’ (2016) for men under 40 in India who are increasingly influencing the way they live, work and play.  He is also the founder of Keona Organics, which is engaged in genuine organic farming practices in farms near Pune. He wants to create awareness on organic produce and also encourage people to make responsible choices when choosing food items for their kitchen.




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