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Picking the right sunglasses for healthy eyes

When it Comes to Healthy Eyes, most of us take our vision for granted and do not take the necessary prercaution to protect our eyes. We buy sunscreens and anti-agening creams to save our faces and skin but do we give a thought to our eye health when we buy sunglasses? We go for the best deal and the best style but do we know how safe are those good looking sun glasses for our eyes, especially in this hot weather? Polaroid, the inventor of polarized lenses tells us all we need to know before reaching out for those stylish sunglasses…

The UAE is renowned for its warm and sunny climate all year round, especially during the summer months. However, warm countries with a sunny climate are more inclined to have a harsh Ultraviolet (UV) Ray, which gets progressively during the summer season. As the inventor of the polarized lenses, that protect wearers up to the highest UV exposure level, POLAROID is committed to increase understanding of the risks of UV radiation.

It has been revealed that only 50% of the population believe that sunglasses are a must-have accessory to protect the eyes from harmful solar radiation, and more than 30% of them say they rarely wear sunglasses. Most people who wear sunglasses fall within the 25 to 54-year-olds age group.

Children’s eyes are even more sensitive to UV rays than adults’ because they are clearer and more delicate and their pupils are larger and let far more light through than adults’ eyes. Exposure to UV radiation can lead to keratitis in children which results in inflammation of the cornea causing pain and itchiness.

There is also lack of knowledge of the basic safety standards that sunglasses must meet, such as the CE marking: 65% of the population don’t verify the presence of this mark, which ensures that the lenses block harmful UV rays, are impact resistant and distortion-free, while 35% of them don’t even know that the CE marking exists or what it means.

This deficiency of awareness is also due to the fact that what drives purchase behaviour and influences customer choices is usually not product quality: 57% of customers buy sunglasses only for style and fashion-related reasons, 28% of them based on price alone, while only 15% make informed choices, based on lens quality and UV protection level.


Wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes is a healthy habit that many should adopt: that is why choosing a good quality pair of sunglasses is key. The expert says, “Wearing sunglasses that block 100% of UV rays and up to 96% of blue light is a simple, safe and cost-effective way to protect the eyes”.

Although lens colour and shading are not indicators of the sunglasses’ UV blocking ability, different lens colours are better suited to certain activities and pathologies:

  • Yellow: yellow lenses are ideal for skiing or in low-light situations, such as fog, as they increase contrast in hazy, foggy conditions, but can also cause colour distortion;
  • Amber/Brown: amber and brown tints are good for near-sighted people;
  • Light Blue/Green: light blue and green tints are best suited for farsighted people.

The level of eye protection depends mainly on the lens filter and material: to pick lenses that have a high-quality filter blocking 100% of harmful UV rays, customers must rely on the label. In Europe, there are three lens categories:

  1. CE marking indelibly affixed to the product: this mark indicates that the product meets the basic UV protection requirements imposed by the European authorities enabling the product to be sold in the EU;
  2. 100% UV protection: in accordance with existing regulations, lens manufacturers can also claim that their products provide a higher than standard UV protection. However, to do so, they must meet requirements that are more stringent.
  3. 100% UV400 protection: POLAROID sunglasses provide 100% UV400 protection, thanks to the brand’s exclusive Ultrasight TM lenses, which allow only less than 1% of UV rays to pass through up to 400 nm, thus exceeding the protection available in most other sunglass lenses on the market.

UV400 lenses provide the highest protection from UV rays, elimination of glare and crisp, perfect vision; therefore, they are best suited to protect children’s eyes, which are more sensitive to UV rays that adults.

UV400 polarized lenses, block all harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays and do not allow horizontal light to pass through, eliminating glare and providing a clearer vision, as well as accurate colour perception. These lenses deliver utmost performance and safety and ensure reduction of eye fatigue, for maximum comfort and a unique visual experience.



Information courtesy: www.polaroideyewear.com

The POLAROID eyewear collection is produced and distributed by the Safilo Group in UAE.


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