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Phoenix – The Rebirth Game

Her numerous travels across the world and interactions with different people taught Lilia Koch, Psychologist, life coach, NLP master, book writer and Founder of the Phoenix Game, that other psychological approaches to improving our lives have not been sufficient. She felt that there had to be something else; ‘something that could let you touch the sacred, return to zero, “burn” without any fear in order to be “reborn” again. This would allow you to create your own reality and step in your life with fuller awareness’. This led to the creation of a game that could integrate everyone’s issues into a simple and interesting way. A game that let players work through the layers of their lives at essential levels. This is Phoenix! Elizabeth Janen tells us all…

Phoenix is a psychological game, the unique tool for exploring and transforming our own reality in every part of our life.

The title of the game conveys the metaphorical meaning of human existence. Like the Phoenix bird – who gets burnt to be reborn to a new, as we continue a never-ending cycle of improving ourselves and the world around us.

The Phoenix Game is designed for anyone who has a clear intention and readiness to embark on the path of transformation of personal reality and entirely to change their lives.

During the game, the participants uncover the knowledge of how casually and unconsciously we create our own reality from the moment of birth. The parts of reality are interrelated and affect the layer of the world of each of us. Players see and relive the cyclical nature of existence, drifting through the Islands of life, burning and being reborn from the ashes.

The game consists of 4 islands: The Birth Island, Love Island, Influence Island and Awareness Island. Islands that will help you explore your true personality and that will show you how you currently express yourself in your personal, career and love life. During the game, you will realise what kind of obstacles, like social armour, fears, negative beliefs you have presently and understand how to cope with them.

Phoenix Game can help:

  • finally, bring changes into your life
  • learn what makes up your reality and discover ways to transform it
  • make necessary choices without hesitation
  • realize if you are ready to wake up and start truly living
  • clearly, see the current situation in your life
  • clearly, see the current situation in your life
  • improve relations with family, friends, colleagues
  • get a better stress-free balance in work and life
  • become aware of your hidden fears and obstacles

The game provides you with the view from the above of your map of reality or life script and helps to have an insight on how to change your life. It is an easy and fun board game where your full involvement and readiness for sincere analysis of self will help you to achieve your goal as it helped me a lot.

In my own experience, the biggest effect that it had given me a boost of confidence and faith in my choice on the career front as that was my main intention for the course of the game, to feel out whether I was going in the right direction. I am starting a new career from scratch in a completely different industry opposed to the one I am in, hence I felt a fear of the unknown, insecure and doubtful on whether I have what it takes. The career section of the board, so called “Influence Island”, showed my exact feelings and thoughts about the situation… However, the island also showed me how to cope with insecurities and fears and use the resources and strong positive qualities that I have to achieve my dream. I finished the section feeling confident, inspired, full of hope, faith, and energy.

What I liked most about the game is that it does not only focus on one sided development, it gave me an overview, a different angle view if you will, on my current personal life as well as my love life. I have come to realize the resources that got me to where I am now, fears, deep wounds that I had bottled up and buried deep down in the past. The thought of carrying this baggage of fears and resentments into my future did not please me. I have now the motivation to work, healed the wounds and feeling free and ready to use the emptied clean space for love and positive energy.

Elizabeth Janen

Life and Business Coach, Numerologist, Reincarnation Therapy Specialist, Trainer

Email: Lady.Coach888@gmail.com

Mobile: +971 55 44 67 330


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