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Perfect Time for a Full Detox

Ramadan is a fabulous time to Detox and Cleanse. And this means Spiritually, Mentally AND Physically, says Ahlaam Ali!

It is the perfect opportunity to break bad habits like smoking, too much caffeine, chocolate, and carb addictions. In short it is a fabulous time to let go of all addictions and transform yourselves if you look at it in that perspective. As it takes 21 days to detox your body ie eliminate all toxins, the 30 days of Ramadan are a great opportunity to do just that and at the end of it you can feel rejuvenated and recharged. Of course if we choose the healthier options that is!

Some people may argue that they have gone without food and drink all day so they are justified in assaulting their helpless tummies with an overload of oily, sugary and incredibly heavy foods. Only to feel really ill and lethargic after.

The most common mistakes people make with their diet during Ramadan, are in the hours they are allowed to eat and drink. It is very easy for us to get tempted by the unlimited array of food and drinks around us anyways and then come Ramadan we kind of go crazy about food and want to eat everything in sight.

The main mistake that people make is that they do not work out their objectives before the beginning of Ramadan.

Whether you are a Muslim or not…. You need to ask your self…


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AHLAAM ALI is a published authorand a certified Nutrition & Weight loss Consultant, practicing in the UAE and Internationally. Ahlaam works holistically to create customized weight loss plans. Ali works with various specialists’ design weight loss programs based on her patients’medical history, lifestyle, activity levels, food preferences and food intolerances. With Globesity being a very pertinent issue across the world as well as closer to home, Ahlaam Ali was inspired to create an award-winning life changing weight loss and fitness program – Powwer™ Living. Ali regularly writes health & fitness papers for specific newspapers and magazines, addressing the most pertinent issues experienced in this age of increasing globesity and related diseases. Email: powwereat@gmail.com


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