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Nuggets of Energy – Grab and Go for Health

We have our healthy meals all planned out and we eat exactly as per our daily calorie requirements, then why is it that the weight scales indicate otherwise? Why do the bulging calories refuse to back down? It is the snacking that is responsible for this! We all have those in-between hunger pangs that has us reaching out for snacks (probably guilt-free too) but do we know what we are eating? Munchbox.ae has the answer! Munchbox boasts of being the only company in Dubai specialising in healthy snacks online delivery in the region. The company has launched a new line of protein pebbles, snacks and energy balls and the team is continuously working on a delectable line up of healthy munchies to be released soon. Yogalife gives you a low-down on their energy balls.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning before you go for that gym session or later in the day between breakfast and lunch, we all need an energy boost at some point during the day. Coffee is what we usually reach out for; or maybe a sugary energy drink is another option for some of you, but here we have another healthy option that’s delicious and packs in a wallop of energy without any unhealthy additions. Energy balls are the latest on the grab and go market, perfect for that busy lifestyle.

These balls are loaded with nutrients to keep you focused and going strong till your next meal. Pretty much the perfect snack, they offer a gratifying combination of energy, protein, carbs, fats, fibres, and natural sugars and are portable! Pair one or two with a piece of fruit before or after a workout to save yourself the money (and the long and confusing ingredient lists!!) of readymade bars and bites at supermarkets.

We opened the great looking eco-friendly packaging from Munchbox that is brown in colour and 100%natural. The energy balls are all natural, gluten free, vegan, and sugar-free! What can be better than that? There are four interesting flavours to choose from, Coffeechoco, Coconut, Cranbanana and Chiachoco and all these come in packs of 10 each. The are all made with dates, oats, and a dash of nuts with a few other goodies to suit your taste.

If you are like me and turn homicidal if you have to eat oats every day, then this is it!! These little nuggets from Munchbox.ae are delightful and seriously addictive! If you are a coffee and dark chocolate lover, then coffeechoco is the one for you! Cranbanana is for the berry lover and who can resist the goodness of coconut? Chiachoco are packed with Gluten free oats and chia seeds and give you the staying power to get you through your workout, the afternoon, a long boring office meeting that has you skipping lunch and more!!! The recipes all have protein and fat thanks to the nuts and seeds used that release energy over time to keep you going as against that sugar high that comes from high-carb snacks. Healthy carbs re-fuel your muscles and the fibre helps you stay full till your next meal.

So, go grab those energy balls that are good for you and come in a package that’s good for the earth!

Visit www.munchbox.ae to know more



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