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Mirror Mirror on the Wall



Mirrors are pathway to reflection.

Often overlooked, but placement of mirrors in the right spot can help you bring in good energy in your home and working environment, says Shivani Adalja.

Mirrors can help open up space, reflect light, attract good energy and most importantly create illusion of space in tiny areas. On the other hand, if not positioned correctly, mirrors can also cause havoc by attracting bad energy and creating a dark atmosphere.

Many types of mirrors are available in the market these days; from odd shaped ones to giant display types. Depending on your need, you can nail down on a design that suits your personal space and preference.

Feng shui emphasizes on even shape and smooth surface for mirrors; reason being evenly shaped mirrors help in reflecting and distributing energy smoothly in its surroundings. While mirrors with cracked surfaces create harsh energy leading to disharmony. In a property that has too many pillars or protruding corners in a room, mirrors can be used to camouflage them and make them disappear.

Excessive overhead beams can also be covered with mirrors to minimize the damage. Mirrors are most effective in harnessing good energy, when placed opposite a window that reflects beautiful scenery and has abundant sunlight. If you have a water pond or garden outside you living room window, you can attract the positive energy in your environment by placing a mirror directly opposite the window to enhance the energy flow in your living room.

However, these days that is not the case. Most of us live in high-rise buildings and are sometimes living across from busy main road junctions or hospitals. In these scenarios mirror can be used in defecting the unwanted image or object away from your apartment. A concave mirror can be placed outside your apartment facing the unwanted object to ward off the negative effect of the surroundings. Before renting a new apartment or a villa check out its surroundings. Are there too many garbage bins around your location? Is the traffic congestion very close to your building? Is there enough natural light coming into your living room? After assessing the scenario, you can then decide where to best place the mirrors to enhance good energy and invited more sunshine into your life!

By: Shivani Adalja

Shivani Adalja is a Dubai based feng shui and wellbeing practitioner, author of several leading papers and columns on the subject, motivational speaker, Intuitive Counselor and one of the most sought after personalities in the Middle East.



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