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Mind Over Matter

A Journey Through Psychokinesis


Did you ever think of someone, just a few seconds before the person called? Did you ever turn your head, to meet eyes of a stranger who is staring at you? Telepathy, a sense of being stared at, dream precognition or “knowing” the outcome, are just a few phenomena that most people experience every day, without paying them much attention.

A scientific term; psychokinesis (PK), or remote influence, is not only a term for psychic influences, distant healing or chanting mantras, but it is also a term associated with mundane matters, such as the power of positive thinking to bring about desired events.

Psychokinesis has become a hot topic in media due to popular movies “What the bleep, do we know?” and “The Secret,” featuring scientists who emphasize that our thoughts are powerful influences on our lives.

Now, is the first time in human history that millions of people practice yoga and meditation. The readers of this magazine know that yoga and meditation have an incredible healing effect on our body, mind, and soul. It is a beautiful platform for expressing our innate abilities, long forgotten. Many yoga practitioners are experiencing a profound sense of self, awakening to new experiences, whether it is a lifestyle change, a new approach to health or just a desire to become happy.

We are experiencing the evolution of consciousness on many levels, personal and global, and science, medicine, and psychology are reflecting the changes as well.

Our existence, our minds, and hearts are connected through the web of life, and we are starting to see it orchestrated in the world.


Albert Einstein, one of the fathers of quantum mechanics, said; “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.”

David Bohm, who collaborated with Albert Einstein, shared the evidence for interconnectivity from research on the forces that hold subatomic particles together.

Fritjof Capra, the author of The Tao of Physics, summarizes sub-atomic research as follows: “Quantum theory thus reveals basic oneness of the universe…”


Hypnosurgery; a painless operation using hypnosis, pioneered by surgeon James Braid in the 1840’s, identifies the mind over matter influence. One of the many examples is psychiatrist Benjamin Simon, who used the concept of hypnotic suggestibility to heal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Perhaps, you have heard about spontaneous remission. It is still considered rare and a medical mystery, however, The Institute of Noetic Sciences’ book, Spontaneous Remission, catalogs several hundred well-documented cases.

Healing by prayer or a distance healing; wishing well to someone is also embedded in our cultures; moreover, it resides deep in our awareness.


Parapsychology is a field of study focusing on paranormal and psychic phenomena, as psychokinesis. Most of the topics have been a mystery in the past; however, it is slowly being unveiled through new studies, supported by quantum physics.

Transpersonal psychology or Positive psychology are just a few examples that even the science of psyche is taking new turns to understanding the modern man in a very different way.

Therefore, people are more and more drawn to the unravelling of the mysteries of life, discovering, that “mind over matter” is an inherent ability, discounted by orthodox science and rigid approach.

Examples of psychokinesis:


Carl Jung coined the term “synchronicity,” which means a coincidence that appears meaningful because the odds are extraordinarily high against it, being solely due to chance.

Paying attention to these signs, situation or numbers, with or without your intention, has been popular in the recent years, e.g., the 11.11 phenomenon.

The awareness of such synchronicities helps you to recognize that you are part of the collective consciousness, perceived as oneness.


Experiments into distant mental influence, remote viewing, telepathy or an effect on a living system, can

be replicated under the scrutiny of scientific research; therefore, it has been widely investigated.

The most famous example was psychic Uri Geller, who performed metal spoon bending feats, or Ingo Swann who intentionally changed the reading of a device called a SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device), which was buried underneath a building. Through remote viewing activity, Swann ‘projected his consciousness’ into the instrument.

Since the 70’s there have been a number of experiments performed using random number generators, where the “intention” clearly changes the outcome. The Global Consciousness Project focuses on such phenomena and also measures the impact of people’s intention through meditations.


Distance or self-healing falls under this category, and a number of evidences have been collected through medical journals.

For example, studies have shown, that visualization of our immune system cells attacking cancer actually mobilizes the immune system to heal.

Response to our belief systems, our thoughts or conscious intention can change the neuroplasticity in our brain, hence affecting our behavior and well-being.

All of the above examples illustrate that not only our thoughts stimulate activity inside our bodies, but PK also suggests, that they can influence events outside of our bodies. The mainstream model of consciousness does not agree with this yet, as it is based on the false assumption, that consciousness is localized in our brain. Psychic research has proved, that our consciousness interacts with the physical world. Psychokinesis research provides valuable evidence that consciousness has an ordering effect upon the universe and implies that we live in an interconnected world.


As a lifelong student of consciousness, meditation, hypnotherapy and such phenomena, I was eager to attend a workshop on Psychokinesis (PK) with The Monroe Institute (TMI), called MC^2. I was interested to learn how to do hands-on metal bending, illuminate light bulbs, accelerate growth of seeds, hone my manifestation skills and many other fascinating activities proving the “mind over matter” hypothesis. My fellow students were an eclectic group from all over the planet. The program is taught by renowned Dr. Joe Gallenberger, who is the expert in the field. The workshop was, indeed, a life changing experience. Even though the group consisted of well-educated, serious looking doctors, scientists and therapists, the childlike excitement was infectious, and you could hear the clatter of bent cutlery in people’s pockets, flickering lightbulbs all over the resort and passionate chatter over the Random Number Generator. The experience was phenomenal, and we became well equipped with practices and evidence, that our perception of the physical world is to a certain level an illusion. Upon our departure, our group was advised to pack our bent cutlery into check-in luggage, as we brought smiles to the stern faces of airport security staring into x-ray monitors “Aaah, The Monroe Institute…” To our disappointment, the in-flight cutlery was plastic, much harder material to bend, but, rumour has it, that the TMI “masters” have bent the plastic ones as well. “There is always room for improvement,” said one of my PK colleague, looking passionately at the plastic spoon, before we scattered into our corners of the world. Our spouses had to hide the remnants of our “not yet bent” home cutlery, and exchange many lights bulbs, as the excitement had run through our veins for many months, resisting the main stream, rigid view of reality.

Reference: Powell, D. (2009). The ES



Alexandra is a certified Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapist and trainer, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Theta Healing Instructor, NLP Master, Coach, Meditation teacher, CSETI ambassador and Ham-Sa Yogini. Based on her research and experiences, Alexandra also developed a unique Astral Travel program with Remote Viewing and Psychokinesis, where she teaches phenomena related to altered states of consciousness, physical and non-physical experiences of different levels of awareness and dimensions.

To enquire about workshops and sessions, contact via email:

alexandra@innerselfconsultancy.com, www.innerselfconsultancy.com


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