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Mental Health is Bang on Trend with Heartknoxx


One in 6 adults experience a common mental disorder in the UK, according to The Mental Health Foundation and with May as Mental Health month, the conversation around such topics is set to increase. 

It’s not just charities creating a stir around this topic. The newly launched fashion label Heartknoxx, ‘Rebel fashion brand with a cause’ is making it their mission to make mental health more than just a trendy hashtag with their social media movement #Mentalhealthistrending.

The viral campaign was started by, ‘Define Your Difference’ clothing brand, Heartknoxx, devised to put spotlight on this topic, after the Founder Helen Hope went through her own struggles in 2017.

The brands latest hard hitting viral marketing campaign ‘‘There’s A Person Behind The Post’ – uses a mixture of models and every-day people, to showcase their hugely popular ‘I’m Fine’ slogan T shirts.

Talking to the camera the models are asked; What’s the worst thing anyone’s ever said to you when you’ve been struggling with your mental health? 

With answers such as “Oh just man-up” or “You don’t look sick” the viewer quickly starts to realise how much our words have power.

In addition to a series of videos, there is also a stream of photography with each model holding up a piece of cardboard saying ‘There’s A Person Behind The Post’ to illustrate that you never know what someone is struggling with, something that social media often disguises or lets us forget.

The campaign will be running for the whole month of May to tie in with   Heartknoxx’s one year anniversary and is asking its followers to join the movement by sharing a picture of themselves along with their ‘stories of strength’ using the hashtags #Theresapersonbehindthepost and #mentalhealthistrending . Stories will then be reshared on the aptly coined Warrior Wall / instagram feed.

About Heartknoxx:

This clothing label is all about wearing your personality on your sleeve. Known for its punchy and powerful messages, Heartknoxx touches on everyday life and mental health awareness. Instantly winning hearts since its launch, the brand has been celebrated by supermodel Erin O’Connor and some of the UK’s hottest DJs.

Website: Heartknoxx.com

Instagram: @Heartknoxx and @MentalHealthIsTrending


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