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Meditating on Chakras: Playing with colours


The chakras are vital centers of energy throughout your body. Keeping the chakras in balance has been linked to sustaining mental and physical wellbeing. Through chakra meditation, you can improve the balance of your key chakras and bring your physical and mental state to peace and harmony.

At the seven energy centers or chakras of your body, you harness energies and transmute those energies that don’t serve you to ones which do. At these chakras or the energy vortices, humanity stores beliefs and faith.

Chakras are energy vortices present in your body system that enable your connection with the Divine force. When you open and balance them, you realise your true potential and true connection to self; who you are. The seven main energy points, when aligned, bring you in harmony with your own self.

Everyone is empowered with these energy centers and therefore everyone has a connection with the Divine. The key to balancing these centers is: meditating.

When you quieten your mind, your focus increases, and when with this increased focus you demand your energy centers to be opened, the body listens and complies. The body is just a tool which you can use the way you want to. Your mind drives the body and your mind is driven by the way of prayers and meditation. This connection is all powerful yet not explored by most people.

Breathing and focusing on the breath is the best way to find alignment with the energy centers. This breath, your pran, must cast love to these centers to be opened and balanced.


Chakras, often identified with colours, are dimensions, your ladder, so to speak through which you climb to your Higher Self. No one can open your chakras, only you can do it. In that sense, it is a universal gift from the Divine to mankind, along with the realization that you have the power to open them. The mind makes you realise that.

This question is often asked – how long should I meditate on chakras? Well, so long as you feel a discernable change in your nature; from where you began to where it feels good all the time. It depends on how much time, focus and attention you give in opening and/or balancing these centers. You receive the fruits as per your focus and intention. There is no time frame to it.

Each chakra corresponds to multiple areas of your life. As you meditate, you know which emotional and physical aspect needs change. It is always better to build on a solid foundation, so meditation can be started from the root or muladhar chakra. Begin with a prayer, an intention (prayer is intention spoken out loud to the Divine). Gradually, move up to other energy centers. Treat yourself with love and compassion.


Imagine that you have a task to accomplish. Now, you can accomplish it singing or frowning. Which one would feel better and give you a better experience? Accomplishing a task in a happy frame of mind is the very purpose of meditating. You remove your shadows and begin to open up to the light, where everything seems brighter and nicer to you. Actually, everything is bright and nice, it is just your mindset that determines, how you want to see things, perceive them and experience them.

Gaining and embracing a certain experience is your choice. No one forces it on you. No one imposes it to you, it is solely your choice. Meditation helps soften the harsh choices into pleasurable experiences.

Chakra meditation fulfills many purposes of meditation. While breathing is the simplest form of meditation, chakra meditation helps you to delve deeper into your own self and allows you to know your body better.

Chakra meditation is an ode to the body that helps you get connected to where you came from.


The other question which is often asked is, which mantra or colour should be used for chakra meditation? Use your imagination. Choose what helps you connect better with your body. If you are good with colours, play with colours, if you are good with sound, play with sound (the seed mantra). Let your imagination loose. Imagination itself is a gift, which people don’t realise. Use your imagination creatively.

First you imagine and then you create. This is always the case. You imagine opening up to your potential and hence, you create that opening. Those who have difficulty in imagining can practice imagination before embarking on mediation of this nature.

Sit at one place. Close your eyes, bring your focus to the heart center and imagine the colour green being gently released from your heart center and spreading out to your whole body. As the green colour embraces you, you feel the warmth and freshness of your heart and the love that it pours out for you. And for others around you, moving beyond to people who you know to people who you don’t know. It spreads to embrace all humanity. It doesn’t matter who the people are, your love just reaches out to all.

The broader you reach, the deeper you go; from your heart center go straight down to the soles of your feet to the heart of the mother earth. You spread your love down to the deepest core of the mother earth, thanking mother earth for supporting you through air, water, sun, soil, food, and richness of nature where you often find your escape. The forests, the hills, the herbs, the shade, the butterflies, the birds. And as you thank the mother earth, you imagine your focus moving from the soles of your feet up to your whole body opening up each chakra from the base of your spine to the crown and up.

Feel the calmness in the grounding and warmth in the higher connection. This is where you will find your true self.

 URMILA RAO is a chakra balancing meditation coach and a certified Theta Healing practitioner. She teaches meditation and techniques of positive thinking. She heals emotional issues through Theta Healing. Urmila makes her daily life joyful by embracing and living with the power of Intention, Meditation, Affirmation and Manifestation (IMAM). She can be contacted at: milarao2018@gmail.com 

Connect with her on: 

Insta: thetaholistichealing 

FBpage: @thetahealingworkdubai 

Twitter: @healing_theta 

LinkedIn: Urmila Rao (Energy worker) 

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