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Make time for breakfast

Health experts Dr. Lanalle Dunn, Founder of The Chiron Clinic and Dr. Enas Othman, Family Medicine Specialist at Snowdonia Medical Centre, have compiled diet tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy mentality and gut over the festive foodie month.

Dr. Lanalle recommends a healthy breakfast, over a greasy fry up, to start the day feeling energised and refreshed, even if you are lacking sleep. Salmon, avocado, eggs and asparagus are very high in protein, whilst berries, sprinkled over yoghurt or porridge, are jam packed with fibre and can support a healthy digestive system.

Stay calm and hydrated

Dr. Lanalle also suggests that we are often not hungry in the morning but dehydrated. If you have an event planned in the evening make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day (recommended 6-8 glasses), these can also include herbal teas and flavoured water (slices of cucumber and mint is a simple addition that can help to flush out toxins).

Watch your portion sizes

Dr. Enas knows our tummies can grumble when we sit at a Christmas spread with no trimmings spared. However, before you go ahead and fill your plate, it’s wise to consider your portion sizes, whether you are a child or an adult, perhaps you are looking to gain or lose weight or already have health concerns. It is better to have smaller portions throughout the day than one large meal at dinner.

Avoid the sugar highs and lows

At this time of year, we may think that chocolate and sweets are the main culprit, however there are other factors. Dr. Enas explains that blood sugar can rise after several cups of coffee, black tea and energy drinks, so limit yourself to no more than 2-3 throughout the day. Dried fruits also may seem like a healthy choice, but be conscious they contain lots of sugar. To lower your sugar levels, natural yoghurt can help and increasing intake of vegetables. Keep sweet treats to small servings to support a healthy and balanced diet.

Dr. Lanalle Dunn, Founder of The Chiron Clinic

Over the years Dr. Lanalle has completed continuing education in acupuncture (facial, advanced techniques, scalp), Waldorf/Steiner education, NAET (advanced certifications), Life-Coaching, Dorn therapy, KST alignment (Koren Specific Technique), and for the past six years Anthroposophical Physician Training (British Anthroposophical Physician Training/International Physician Medical Training, IPMT).

Dr. Enas Othman, Family Medical Consultant and Medical Director

Snowdonia Medical Centre

Dr. Enas has treated a wide variety of disease states, disorders and injuries and health issues in a primary care setting. Ensuring the highest standards for all patients Enas undertakes a variety of duties as a Family Medicine Consultant including surgery consultations, telephone consultations, visiting patients at home and in nursing home, and patient screening for disease risk factors and early signs of illness.


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