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Love Sign Compatability for Cancerians

Everyone needs warmth and someone to shower it on them. Everyone also needs a friend or comrade to hear their woes, comfort them and offer them calm advice in return.

Patient, non-judgemental, caring, strong-willed, quietly passionate and private, I am talking about Cancer. They may not be overly communicative or display a barrage of emotions outwardly, but that doesn’t mean they lack emotional qualities; instead be glad you’re not able to see into their volcanic depth of emotions. Ruled by the moon, Cancers are emotional to the core, which is what makes them empathetic. If you have a Cancer partner, you already know you have to be sensitive to their needs.

If you’re looking to impress a Cancer, you will need to tread slowly. Cancers don’t allow anyone into their shell quickly. As long as you are getting smiles, a listening ear and a dollop of information about their private lives or work, you are heading in the right direction. Never make the mistake of ridiculing their home or their place of work (especially their desk). That’s their nest. Cancers love their home and work space. On the flip side, some Cancerians can be sarcastic, underhandedly calculative and too secretive for anyone’s good.


Even though both have extremely different approaches for dealing with everything, each will feel an irresistible attraction to the other. Cancer acts as a cool and shady tree for Aries to bask under. Aries is ambitious and passion-driven and teaches Cancer lessons in leadership, individuality, confidence and focus. Aries is more outgoing whereas Cancer prefers a less-crowded, private lifestyle. Cancer provides a stable home to Aries and a shoulder to cry on when some of their lofty ambitions come crashing down. Romance between the two is more about getting the timing right as both are extremely susceptible to quick mood changes.


Both share so much in common that their chemistry is unimaginable. Both will be instantly attracted to the other yet these two won’t be in a hurry to convert their friendship into a romantic relationship, in the fear that it could ruin what’s been built. When in a relationship, Taurus will take lead without Cancer minding. Taurus may be romantically less expressive for Cancer, yet romance between the two will be magical. Taurus extends qualities of stability and determination to Cancer and Cancer finds a comfortable and cozy partner in Taurus.


Extreme opposites, this is not the typical pair you may get to spot very easily. Gemini could initially get attracted to Cancer’s enigmatic personality or Cancer could get attracted to Gemini’s grand and extroverted appeal. But once in a relationship, Gemini’s open-minded approach and Cancer’s shell-like personality could clash, yet with work each can realize that each possesses skills that the other lacks. This can be a fun-filled relationship if both are able to mould their personalities to suit the other, at least a little bit.


These are two love birds with similar personalities. Flexible, lovable, compromising and caring, both will bond beautifully. Both are emotional and sensitive beings and this can sometimes spill over as too much victimization and self-pity. Each could find it difficult to uplift the other when in low times, as both could need uplifting themselves, making way for imbalance in the relationship. Giving personal time to the other is going to be very important here. These two should never be business partners as decision making could be difficult. Nevertheless, romance between these two will be long-lasting and peaceful.


This may prove to be an interesting relationship as both signs have a tendency to be dramatic in their unique own ways – one with words and the other with emotions. As a couple, Cancer could help boost Leo’s esteem by pampering and spoiling them with gift vouchers, dinner dates and home-made luxuries. Leo too encourages Cancer towards expression and self-development. On the other hand, Cancer could find Leo too opinionated and stubborn and the latter could think Cancer needs better social and verbal skills. Transparent and direct communication is the key here.


These two will make better business partners than lovers. Cautious and controlled Cancer along with organized and focused Virgo can do wonders with any project they handle. In a relationship, both will be extremely committed to the other. Virgo offers loyalty and security to appreciative Cancer. The only problem here is that passion may be lacking from the relationship. Cancer could feel ignored and unappreciated by Virgo’s constant improvement-strategies, and may not be able to communicate this. Scheduling time for fun and socializing together is going to be important.


Many assume that this pair won’t do well, but in truth these two blend together quite harmoniously. Both have a need for a happy and peaceful family life and each will do their utmost to keep things balanced and working. The problem arises when Cancer finds Libra socially extravagant. Libra thrives on an active social life and needs a close-knit group of people around them. Cancer wants to be the only ‘close’ one in their partner’s life and does everything under the sun to secure this place. Here’s when the disharmony can begin.


Romance between these two will be fiery and passionate. There will be lots of physical attraction between Cancer and Scorpio – sometimes a little too much to handle. One red flag to watch out for is secrecy. Both are equally private so there could be lots that may not be conveyed and communicated, and blocks due to this could occur in the relationship. Yet, both will feel at home with the other so chemistry and mutual understanding won’t really be a problem at all.


This could be a short-lived relationship if there is not enough compromise. Free-spirited Sagittarius could find Cancer a bit too controlled and constricted. Cancer could find Sagittarius frivolous and extravagant. Yet Cancer learns how to trust the flow of life through the Sagittarian easy-going approach, and the latter starts understanding the concept of having a stable home and family from Cancer. Initial hurdles may have to be crossed for both to get adjusted to the other. Just like wine, this relationship grows better with time and the mutual love, care and understanding ages beautifully.


These two are attracted to one another like a magnet. This particular relationship could have a very soul-mate feel to it. More often than not, whenever these two separate for whatever reason, they re-unite soon. Being inseparable, both have a lot to learn from the other. Cancer learns how to become independent and self-reliant from Capricorn – skills that only Capricorn can imbibe tactfully in Cancer, while Capricorn feels emotionally grounded and cosy around Cancer. These two make good business partners as well.


For some reason, these two sharemore of an intellectual relationshipthan a romantic one. There will be so much to talk about and discuss, that good conversation will make for majority of the interaction. These two make good friends as well as business partners. As romantic partners, Cancer could find Aquarius’s commitment style questionable. Aquarius’s affable and outgoing personality could seem like a threat to Cancer’s protective nature. Yet there is so much Aquarius can be lured with by Cancer – Good food, nourishing talk, pampering – all of which Cancer does with elegance and ease.


Thoroughly dedicated to each other, both will set an example of true love. Each will try hard to please the other. Pisces will be exceedingly sensitive to Cancer’s needs and will often offer a patient, understanding, and empathetic hand to Cancer. This relationship may flounder if emotional dependency increases between the two. Cancer could have a tendency of brooding or drowning in self-pity and Pisces could get tired of playing healer and counsellor. On the other hand, Pisces could feel they could get away with anything, while Cancer will remain ever-accepting. Mutual respect will make this a match made in heaven.


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