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Is Biodynamic The New Organic?

There is a new health buzzword in town and thats ‘biodynamic’…quickly being labelled as the ‘new organic’. 

A biodynamic diet is an emerging health trend (often sparking debate) on a mission to further improve health across the nation, but what exactly does ‘biodynamic’ mean?

Biodynamic farming is similar to organic farming – a form of sustainable farming, however the principles are based on the lunar calendar – alignment of the stars and moon before planting and harvesting crops. By following the cosmos, the farmers have reportedly been able to build healthy soil that can support against the negative impact of climate change.

Dr. Lanalle Dunn, founder of The Chiron Clinic based in Sustainable City Dubai and Director of Health and Wellness for Sustainable City, is an advocate for sustainable living and eating. She says, “While biodynamic has a mission to improve the planet through sustainable agriculture the foods produced have also been reported to be tastier and more healthier than organic foods”.

The Chiron Clinic based in Sustainable City offers a sustainable nutrition and dietary care call 04 349 7444 for more information and to book an appointment.


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