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September 18, 2019
By Yogalife

Intuitive Art and its Healing Power

YOU USE A GLASS MIRROR TO SEE YOUR FACE; YOU USE WORKS OF ART TO SEE YOUR SOUL. ~ GEORGE BERNARD SHAW. Intuitive art allows you to explore your inner being in a criticism free environment, allowing you freedom of expression. The main principle here is to create mindfulness, with an act of spontaneous expression. We all know that creativity is fundamental to human health and well-being, it can be informative, stimulating, fun and liberating. Through the process we learn to recognize issues that need to be healed. Daniela Nikolova tells us more.


To me intuitive painting is a heart and soul-based creative expression. I see it as a gateway to a place where one has the opportunity to connect with their higher self and not just let go of the fears of not being good enough, criticized and rejected but to watch those fears transform into color, shape… feeling of joy and liberation . It is an opportunity to silence the inner critic, connect with and allow a full expression of the creative voice we each carry within ourselves. I always see it and even practice and offer it as a type of meditation where the mind becomes one with the heart and in a way, they both ascend to reveal a higher form of consciousness and existence …a multidimensional one which resembles our true essence.


In my personal experience and the experience I have through working with people, the way IP can contribute positively is to help one “get out of the box” of limiting thinking and feeling more peaceful, more empowered, more connected, accepting and loving towards and within themselves. It helps break the walls of fear between us and our creativity. It takes away the “stiffness”, that fear-based way of thinking brings and helps us shift into a space of more appreciation, gratitude and love. A better understanding of ourselves through the images we’ve painted, colors we’ve chosen and the way they speak to us, what feelings they bring when we look at the painting itself. It takes us to a place of liberation, joy and deeper inner connection. Peace.


To manifest what we desire in life we must first explore our intentions. Are they born from fear or are they born from love? The reason most people are not able to manifest what they want, is because their desires/wishes are fear-born. Only when we set our intentions from a place of faith, love and surrender, take actions and be consistent with them without being rigid but rather allowing, we see our dreams become a reality. Fear is what blocks them.


There was, indeed. Over 10 years ago, after my second child was born, I found myself in a cycle of never-end

ing physical challenges which no one could explain. I remember feeling desperate for a solution …looking for an answer as my body kept giving up on me more and more each day to a point where I found it hard to walk and was forced to spend the majority of a nearly 3 year period in bed and really “taking it very easy”. One day I realized that all this time I’ve been looking for an answer in the wrong places, i.e. outside myself. In that moment I made a choice to dedicate time each day to meditation and visualization. To start creating the life I wanted, get back to moving my body (as a musician dance always took a big part in my life too) to be happy and free. The more I started to feel myself, the more I connected, the clearer I could hear messages and see signs from the Universe that I need to paint. One day I finally surrendered and bought a canvas, blue and white paints.

I remember setting it all up in my home, staring at the empty canvas for nearly 3 months being frozen in fear and worry about “what if I fail and all I paint is a mess!” “what if I feel more disappointed and everyone laughs at me?”, all these questions kept circling around my head; until one evening I felt a wave of peace and presence around me. I felt the presence of Archangel Michael. As if my hand was taken and guided in a truly Divine way. I felt no fear, no resistance … At that moment I started to paint. It felt as if an unknown creative force within me has been unlocked forever. I did my first painting. An image of light blue angel wings. There was so much light in it and the innocent feeling of something pure, something coming from a deeper place. I had tears of joy rolling down my face. It was as if I was witnessing a big part of me right there in that moment, a realization of my soul purpose, a recognition. I felt grateful, humbled in a way…free. I realized how enormous is the power we all carry within ourselves is, and that we are the only ones stopping ourselves from fully creating the life we want. It was a realization of the power of faith, trust, love and surrender.

As I continued painting, I started to receive messages of profound meaning mostly in the form of poems. I later realized I was in fact tapping into

Universal wisdom which was hard to describe yet made so much sense in the awareness it kept bringing. People started to approach me and ask for paintings with messages. I did it. I surrendered fully and my work has been displayed in many therapists’ rooms as well as private homes locally and internationally. All owners of my paintings have shared that they have noticed positive changes in the energy of the space where my paintings are displayed/placed as well as in their lives.

The more people sought my help and guidance, the more I felt aligned with my purpose and passion for creating and holding space for those who need and are in a search for healing, deeper awareness, freedom and joy. The more I followed my inner guidance and served my purpose, the more I healed. I kept expanding my knowledge through learning different healing modalities and training in different therapies. Contribution has become my passion.

My faith helped me trust and surrender to the calling of my soul and that was a huge step I needed to take in order to serve from my heart. As a certified Health Coach, Emotional and Spiritual intelligence guide, I have realized that to be able to do the work we came to do , to be able to hold space for another with love and compassion, to guide them without judgement and personal projection, we must first be fully accepting of ourselves – the light and the shadow, the love and the fear, the human and the being, as that’s the only way to guide and empower another to wholeness and freedom . By simply freeing ourselves first.


“I believe that we are here to create Heaven on Earth through finding balance between our intellect and heart wisdom, our skills, knowledge, and intuition. Most of all I believe in the infinite power of love. Every seed can grow into a flower when planted and nurtured with love. Every blossom can turn into a bloom under the warmth of a loving touch. Miracles happen when the intention is love.”

Daniela Nikolova is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Guide, Intuitive Personal and Business Advisor who combines her knowledge and natural gifts in different therapies and healing modalities, serving a purpose of helping those who seek more balance, deeper awareness and alignment on all levels and areas of their lives.

In her down-to-Earth, honest, compassionate approach, Daniela guides people back to their hearts where they have the opportunity to reconnect within and remember their true essence. She assists people to grow through understanding their emotions, the messages they bring through different bodily sensations, mental, spiritual experiences, and the meaning behind them. She looks into a challenge and with the help of Divine Assistance Daniela helps you find a solution by being fully present, lifting you up to a place of awareness where you feel free, empowered and loved.

Passionate about contribution and currently involved in different projects, her voice was globally heard when she became the narrator of the 12.12.15 Global Meditation, created to Raise the Collective Consciousness by The Master Shift Non-profit organisation and later featured in the documentary “Awaken”.

Daniela is also featured in the Spiritual Leaders Directory Top Picks for 2018 which has been published and sold internationally.


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