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May 8, 2019
By Yogalife

No more Hair Loss!


Waterclub is devoted to saving water and preserving nature and they also help you reduce water consumption while helping you having a chlorine free shower. Read on to know more…

We all know that losing hair is one of the major problems we face in today’s stressful world. We hear of people taking shower with bottled water or washing hair only after applying oil and many such tricks to reduce hair fall and maintain hair quality.  But do we ever get a solution? Mostly, NO.

Lot of people also experience dryness of the scalp with irritation after a shower using regular tap water. It’s time to consider picking up a shower head filter to put this matter to rest forever.


Studies have indicated that the main reason for a dry, irritated scalp resulting in hair fall is the water that we use to shower. This tap water has been found to contain traces of disinfectants, pollutants and heavy metals. Many instances even record the presence of chlorine or chloramine. These substances are harmful to the human skin and hair. It has even been found that unavoidable chemical changes take place in the water pipes with passage of time due to the heat, rendering the water harmful for a shower.

To deal with all these harmful substances, specifically in the shower, shower head filters are the right choice. These filters are known to remove various potential harmful elements – so effectively that you can actually experience the rejuvenation at the first try.

Save up to 50% on your water usage, replace your old Shower Head with the Waterclub shower head.

Better hair and better health

Turbo charged pressure in this shower head helps save water expenses up to 50%, eliminating 100% harmful Chlorine in your water. The shower head looks good too and the transparent body allows us to see how it works within. The stones used in the shower head are Maifan Stones with a strong anti-bacterial effect, replenishing necessary microelement + beneficial mineral substance. The Alkaline tournaline Balls naturally generate negatives ions, known to enhance the immune system. Calcium Sulfite removes chlorine up to 100%, filtering the water for a fresh healthy shower. The refill stones are easily available and have to be changed once in six months.

Using the Waterclub shower head will ensure that the water reaching your body will be cleaner and healthier leading to less hair fall and a healthier you!


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