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July 10, 2017
By Yogalife

Health Benefits of Power Flow Yoga

If you’ve been wondering about whether power yoga is the right choice for you, or not, look no further. We ask Shirley Shan from NRG Fitness Dubai to tell us about why you should consider switching to power yoga today.

I’m often asked what is Power Flow all about. It’s one of my favourite yoga styles. It’s a dynamic, fitness-based derivative of Ashtanga yoga.


Flow comes from smooth, fluid transition through a sequence of poses, in which one pose runs to the next like a dance. It’s a low impact activity, but highly effective, with fast paced and dynamic practice that demands power and focus. The movements are linked to the breath of either inhaling or exhaling, sometimes holding poses longer and other times moving faster.

Power Flow Yoga can be very vigorous, but it also has a degree of flexibility, as practitioners can always modify and adapt poses to suit specific objectives of their practice.

Health benefits of Power Flow Yoga include:

  • Stronger heart performance with a noticeable increase in blood flow/circulation.
  • Weight loss
  • Posture control and balance
  • More effective transfer of energy to the muscles
  • Greater flexibility in the joints
  • Improved bone density and strength
  • A more robust immune system.

Power Flow has actually increased my flexibility, focus, strength, and stamina and has even helped reduce the risk of injury during my practice. It’s an important step in anyone’s practice. Quite simply, I love how it lets in the power and finesse in my practice…just flow.


Christina Guastella founder of NRG Fitness says: At NRG we have brought together multiple group training practices which complement each other in an urban boutique environment. We believe in focusing on the members’ experience and using attention to detail in a friendly social atmosphere where training in smaller groups provides a sense of belonging. We love the positive vibes that Yoga practice brings and the balance that it provides in Dubai’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Life is all about balance, and we simply couldn’t have a training studio without Yoga. Although your preferred style of training may be high-energy, high-intensity like Spinning or HIIT training (my personal preference), the importance of having balance within your fitness regime is essential – not only challenging the body but also training the mind. Yoga brings focus and quietens the mind, plus it creates greater strength, flexibility, and more body awareness which helps you progress in the other training practices. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but correct practice does.

Our NRG Yoga coaches are committed to helping our members understand what their body is doing and why. It takes effort quieting your mind and having the trust in what you’re trying to do. It’s good to fall out of postures. The end posture doesn’t matter, as you are always working towards the next level and it’s all about trusting the Yoga coach in guiding you to reach your potential.




Shirly began her journey more than 20 years ago and has trained under many of today’s prominent yogi trainers, among them Sri Dharma Mittra, David Swenson, Ana Forrest and Patrick Creelman, and she draws her inspiration from them and much more. Now based in Dubai, UAE, Shirly is a certified Yoga Alliance RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher), and has taught many yoga styles from traditional Hatha, Iyengar, Anusara, Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power yoga to more modern fusions including Aerial, Acroyoga, and Bikram Yoga.

Shirly has studied extensively in the East through Ayurveda & Chinese medicine to Western naturopathic medicine. She is also a Reiki Master and specializes in Healing, Chakra Cleansing, Aura Balancing, Ayurveda and Life Coaching. Her knowledge and expertise are extensive and her skills are growing more sought after.

After stepping off the mat with each practice Shirly always feels energized, nourished and balanced. She believes a healthy body creates a healthy mind. When the mind is open the body follows.


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