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Health and Wellness in the GCC- the Essential Guide

SHA Wellness Clinic was the brainchild of Alfredo Bataller Parietti, who had fought chronic disease for many years before finding a cure through a macrobiotic diet and naturotherapy. His goal was to establish a clinic that could successfully treat major illnesses through the fusion of Eastern and Western medicine, including a pure, macrobiotic nutrition diet. This, then, was the birth of SHA Wellness.

Good health is surely the ultimate gift for you and your loved ones. It is the way to show you care, either by being the best you can possibly be for their sake or indeed, expressing your love and concern for them by guiding them towards a healthy lifestyle. A stay at a SHA Wellness Clinic is the ideal remedy but in the interim, a few healthy eating guidelines will help bring to light some very unwise eating habits. The head of SHA’s nutritionists team, Lola Garcia, has discovered a worrying trend in diet and lifestyle among GCC residents but assures us that they can easily be reversed with a little effort and attention and offers the following words of advice.

There is a tendency to ingest excessive spices such as baharaat, peppers, zaatar and sugars, all of which increase levels of sugar in blood, leading to possible diabetes and obesity. As spicy food weakens digestive strength, easily digested herbs ,for example mint, infusions of fennel, basil, chamomile and cardamom are strongly recommended.

Ingestion of raw foods including an excess of sugar-heavy fruit and dates, either fresh or dried and irregular eating habits also play a major part in digestive woes and the team urge a boost in the consumption of fresh vegetable soups as well as fixed routines for eating times.

In addition, SHA also advises the following:

  • Replace refined products with natural, organic equivalents
  • Use organic vegetables in order to reap benefits of their nutrients
  • Include whole grains such as millet, rice or buckwheat in diet
  • Start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon to release toxins, activate the metabolism and strengthen immune system.
  • Replace coffee with infusions. There are many natural and delicious alternatives such as parsley, green tea, apples, beetroot, leafy greens and chlorella, all of which can be easily made into drinks (smoothies) and infusions to detox the liver, hydrate the body and reduce cholesterol levels
  • Add turmeric, known as the queen of spices, to every meal including soups, rice, pasta and sauces. Rich in curcumin, it may prevent diseases such as arthritis, cancer and Alzheimer’s, as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory that inhibits infections.
  • Replace processed snacks with healthy home-made snacks. Instead of buying an energy bar in the supermarket, eat fruit, nuts, or make a smoothie

These are healthy eating trends that can easily be assimilated into any lifestyle.

SHA Wellness Clinic Health Programmes:

  • SHA Weight Loss Programme (Minimum 7 days / Recommended 14 days)
  • SHA Detox Programme (Minimum 7 days / Recommended 14 days)
  • SHA Intensive Detox & Weight Loss Programme (Minimum 7 days / Recommended 14 days)
  • SHA Fitness Programme (7 days)
  • SHA Anti-Stress Programme (7 days)
  • SHA Sleep Recovery Programme (7 days)
  • SHA Rejuvenation Programme (7 days)
  • SHA Complete Rejuvenation Porgramme (14 days)
  • SHA Recovery Porgramme (7 days)
  • SHA Life-Reset Programme (28 days)
  • SHA Essence Programme (Minimum 7 days / Recommended 14 days)
  • SHA Discovery Programme (4 days)

About SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA is a worldwide pioneering clinic that is dedicated to significantly improving and prolonging the health and wellbeing of people by using natural therapies, that mostly derive from ancestral oriental knowledge and the most advanced western techniques. SHA does not simply view health as the absence of illness, rather, it is an optimum state of complete physical and mental wellbeing, with ideal weight and vitality.

Booking number: +34 966 81 11 99






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