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Hacking a Junk Food Free Child




There are many ways that we can help our kids to develop healthy eating habits. Healthy eating isn’t intricate, and for most children (and adults!) it boils down to eating less junk food and more fruit, vegetables & wholegrain foods. How do you ensure your kids develop healthy eating habits? We give you tips for keeping kids away from junk food.

We are so preoccupied and engrossed with our work that often we get tempted by quick fixes which is either junk or packed and processed foods. In this race of accomplishments, we have forgotten the fundamental principles of a healthy and wholesome living.

Little do we realize that in the long run, sooner or later, not only does this alter our health physically and intellectually, but also is a substandard influence on the younger generation. The same is inculcated in our kids as they learn through our actions and behaviors.

This can be avoided by using healthier options in our diets such as Quinoa. On any occasion we catch a glimpse of a health product, we are inclined to invest in it, forgetting that it’s not our resources and funds but time and effort that is the need of the hour for a healthier life.

We serve our kids packed juices, smoothies and milk products and chances are that these products have stiff doses of sugar and caffeine. In focusing on one healthy ingredient, we compromise on the nutritional value of the whole meal. Quinoa is not only rich in protein, but also high in fibre, naturally gluten free, and perfect for a vegan lifestyle.

Kids today majorly consume packed foods. Early morning they start with muesli loaded with sugar, (instead of whole grains for breakfast) snacks or packed biscuits. Parents take pride in sending kids with protein bars as a snack, unless the kids are athletic in nature – Protein bars are high in sugar and caffeine and it contributes to weight gain and they may contain ingredients that not safe or kid friendly

Here are certain hacks from India Gate using quinoa as an ingredient to keep kids away from junk food. The main idea is to invest time and plan ahead for a healthier family.

  • Carry water/quinoa milk/quinoa smoothie than packed juices and beverages.
  • Replace wheat flour with quinoa flour to make cookies to serve your kids a healthy snack.
  • Replace pasta and cheese bakes with quinoa.
  • Quinoa pancakes and burritos are fun!

  • Quinoa granola bars are perfect dose of protein and energy for kids. Make and store them.
  • Replace wheat flour with high protein quinoa for cupcakes.
  • Quinoa cakes are easy to do for birthdays too, next time you place an order be specific about the ingredients to the baker.
  • If rice is the staple of your family, use the alternative quinoa instead.



About India Gate and KRBL Group

Apart from the newly introduced Quinoa, India Gate also specializes in brown rice and is known in the region for its highest selling India Gate Classic Basmati rice.




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