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March 12, 2017
By Yogalife

Green Heart Organic Farms

This year we step into the 47th year of Earth Day, a crusade that continues to motivate, and inspire people to action to save our Earth

This campaign is all about creating an emerging consciousness, focusing human energy toward environmental issues, building a healthy, sustainable environment, addressing climate change, and protecting the Earth for future generations. Greenheart Organic Farm in UAE is one such local endeavour.

An initiative by Elena Kinane, Managing Director of Greenheart, it is the UAE’s pioneering grower and provider of genuine local, organic and seasonal farm-fresh produce and a one-stop-shop for everything organic. As well as delicious meat, eggs, honey, bread and pantry item. Greenheart grows over 130 different varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs, harvested just hours before being delivered, either to individual homes or via collection points throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Produce is also sold via the website or the farm shop in Al Barsha South 2.

Greenheart personally manages the farms where heirloom produce is grown in farm-made compost from the farm’s own seeds, strictly and absolutely without the use of any chemicals. Every aspect of Greenheart’s operation is eco-friendly, from water conservation and eco-friendly packaging to energy efficiency. To extend their range, Greenheart also imports a large variety of organic fruit and spices from partner farms in Sri Lanka and Lebanon.

Greenheart Farms give us 10 tips to make organic food more affordable: 

  1. Buy what is in season – we calculate our prices by yield per square meter and when yields are good prices go down. Right now we are able to offer our heirloom Tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes and most of our Brassicas such as kale, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower and much more at discounted rates.
  2. Buy set Boxes – Greenheart Mixed Boxes are a great way of saving on your food spends. We offer a selection of 15 different boxes ranging from AED 60 -280. Each one is great value. The standard Mixed Box for AED 100 contains a wonderful mixture of all kinds of different produce such as Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Beetroot, Cherry Tomatoes, Capsicums, Zucchini, Broccoli, Onions, Red Radish and different types of Greens including Kale and herbs & much more. The average weight per box is about 4.5kg. All are subject to daily availability.

  1. Buy fresh produce – Watch out for signs of storage. The moment produce has been stored for more than a few hours it starts to oxidize and it not only loses shape but also nutrients. For example, if the bottom of a head of Lettuce is dark brown and dry you can be sure that it is at least a day or two old and if not sprayed with preservatives (which are even worse) it will not last very long in your fridge. Avoid buying tomatoes without the green tops. Try to buy root vegetables with their fond (which in many cases can be used too). Generally pick fragrant hard produce that still contains a lot of moisture.
  2. Buy directly from the grower – It really is worth buying directly from the grower as you are cutting out the profit margin that the third party trader adds. The quality will always be better and the produce will be much fresher. Some traders pretend to be growers so do your homework.
  3. Ask for help – If you see an unusual vegetable that takes your fancy make sure you ask how to use it before you buy it as so it doesn’t waste away in your fridge.
  4. Plan your meals – This is crucial in keeping your bills down. Impulsive buying often results in a lot of wastage especially when you lead a busy lifestyle.
  5. Stay away from processed organic foods – Many processed organic ‘health foods’ are very expensive and on closer inspection not quite as healthy as marketed. They’re often riddled with ingredients that should be avoided, such as sugar and palm oil, even if they are organic. Instead buy basic ingredients and make things from scratch.
  6. Learn how to preserve foods – This comes in handy when you haven’t been able to use up all the fresh produce in your fridge in time. Try pickling, making jams, sauces, pesto and fruit preserves.
  7. Compare prices – The price / quality difference between different shops for the same item can be substantial. Often the consumers pay more for the real estate than the actual produce. To keep prices affordable our farm shop is located just off the main shopping area in Arjan. This means you have to drive just a little further but it’s worth it.
  8. Shop smart – Learning how to substitute or stretch more expensive ingredients is a great way of keeping your bills low. For instance mix Sweet Potatoes (expensive) with Turnips (cheap) to make a delicious mash that costs half the price. If you cook Spinach opt instead for Chard, which is half the price as it can be grown outdoors. Only use spinach for salads.

The benefits of going organic

Eating a clean organic low-sugar diet full of farm-fresh organic produce without processed foods has lots of benefits for body & soul and of course our planet; as genuine organic farmers are required to have a soil-building program in place that supplies the soil with natural nutrients and minerals, fresh organic food is much richer in vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals. When you eat them regularly you can notice the difference quickly. Shiny hair, glowing smooth skin, healthy gums, strong fingernails and a lean physique are just some of the most apparent ‘side effects’. Consuming clean nutritious food devoid of preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours, hormones, antibiotics and toxins, reducing stress and exercising moderately are the best protection from chronic diseases such as heart problems, cancer and diabetes. It is also highly beneficial for your mental health; helps you to stay focused and can alleviate depression and moodiness.

Organic crop and livestock farming safeguards the wellbeing of animals and does not contaminate our planet with toxins that affect our soil, air and water.

Eating a clean organic low-sugar diet full of farm-fresh organic produce without processed foods has lots of benefits for body & soul and of course our planet.

Greenheart farm shop is open 10am-6pm, Saturday – Thursday.

Source: Green Heart www.greenheartuae.com



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