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A documentary by Reshel Shah Kapoor 2018

A child born with a missing or malformed part of the body, is said to have a structural birth defect. Every year, 3-6% of all babies are born with serious birth defects, which range from life threatening conditions to long term physical disabilities. Birth defects have deeply psychological and social and sometimes, even financial repercussions on the child and their families worldwide. 5.9 million infants are born every year across the world with birth defects. 20% of them are found in India. In a country like India, where social conformity, religion and tradition are the cornerstones of the society and the very essence of the cultural fabric, an anomaly can become both a struggle and a story. God Children – the latest documentary from acclaimed award-winning filmmaker, Reshel Shah – is the story of two young boys who live with this struggle every day of their lives. Born with unusual birth defects that have altered their future, it is the story of Arshad and Pranshu.

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