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November 15, 2018
By Yogalife

God Children Trailer

We are proud to announce that the Aum Media – Yogalife Production, ‘God Children’ won the best Documentary of the year at the ASBU present Broadcast Pro Summit & Awards 2018, prestigious awards comparable to the Oscars in the Middle East.


God Children is a 1 hour Documentary, that is about a rural custom in India where, children born with birth defects are hailed as Hindu Gods, sent to earth with the power to heal or promise prosperity. Young Arshad is lucid and perceptive, but ‘ his identity is determined by all who come to pay their respects to him as their God. Likewise, Pranshu (‘Ganesh’) has only ever known how to live as a symbol of hope. Both boys ensure wealth for their families, but neither were given a choice.





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