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Gearing up for the flu season – Stay Informed and Stay Healthy

Seasonal illness is likely to increase as the weather changes in the UAE. Here are 4 easy steps from Snö Asthma & Allergy to combat the flu season!

The flu season has taken over the UAE. As the weather changes, it brings with it a rise in seasonal flu. Symptoms are similar to common cold like a runny or blocked nose, cough, sneezing, headache, muscle pain and fever. The symptoms last longer as compared to the common cold. It is a seasonal disease, more common during the cooler months in the UAE which last from October to March.


The flu is a highly contagious virus that usually enters the body through the mouth, nose or eyes. The virus can become airborne if infected individual coughs or sneezes, thus spreading rapidly to people within proximity.

As flu season peaks, Dr Stuart Carr, Chief Medical Officer at Snö Asthma & Allergy Centre suggests the following healthy habits that help keep the flu bug at bay.

  • Get a flu shot – Vaccination for influenza greatly decreases your chances of catching the flu, or at least makes the illness less severe. It is the single most effective preventative strategy, and you cannot get the flu from the vaccine! Please note, even people with egg allergies can have the flu shot. It is advisable that only those who had a bad reaction to a previous flu shot should avoid it.

  • Wash your hands – Regularly with soap and water, to help decrease your risk of catching colds and the flu, especially after being in contact with other people. Don’t share water bottles and utensils, as these can easily spread illnesses.

  • Eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and adequate sleep – Having a healthy lifestyle is important for your immune system, to help you fight infections, so you will get less sick and recover faster.

  • If you get sick anyway, stay home and rest – To recover as quickly as possible and avoid spreading the flu to your friends and co-workers, stay home and get your rest and plenty of fluids if you are sick. Try not to go to the doctor for mild symptoms, stay away from infants and the elderly, and cover your mouth when you cough!

“In addition to the flu vaccine, practising good hand hygiene is the single most important way to avoid spreading the flu virus,” highlights Dr Carr.

About Snö Asthma & Allergy 

The UAE’s only dedicated asthma and allergy clinic, Snö Asthma & Allergy brings together a diverse team of allergists and immunologists, nurses, and a clinical support staff trained in the diagnosis, treatment and management of allergies. The team works under the guidance and supervision of our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Stuart Carr.

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