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Gear up for Dubai Fitness Challenge by choosing the right food for your body

By India Gate nutritionist


As you gear up for the 30 minutes 30 days Dubai Fitness Challenge, don’t forget that eating right is an integral part of any fitness program.  Nutrition has the largest impact on our fitness and it is important to compliment any form of exercise or activity with consuming the right food.

Following a right diet along with your fitness routine will help reduce body fat faster, increase stamina, improve immunity and reduce the risk of illness attack. While the interesting line up of activities organized during the Dubai Fitness Challenge month will take care of your 30 minutes exercise, the nutritionists at India Gate suggest some healthy eating strategies that will help you get the best results out of this challenge.

Nuts all day: One of the best on-the-go snack, a mix of nuts and dried fruits is the most energizing, filling and nutritious choice, which is convenient to carry and does not require any preparation. Nuts are packed with heart healthy fats, protein and disease fighting vitamins and minerals. It’s always a good idea to carry a mix of nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios along with dried fruits like raisins and apricots, with you at all times. They are great hunger pang fighters and keep you filled and energized for long durations.

A healthy start: However hectic your morning schedule maybe, ensure you make time for a good breakfast every morning. Your body best absorbs nutrients at this time, therefore watch what you eat as this will boost your body as well as brainpower for the day. Your breakfast should be a good mix of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. If you’re a morning person and have the time for a good breakfast, an egg, along with multigrain bread with some fruits and milk makes for a healthy meal. Alternatively, if you’re in a rush a quick smoothie with fruits for vitamins, quinoa for proteins, milk for calcium and chia or flax seeds for minerals, works best.

Snack time: Yes, snacking is not bad, in fact we encourage you to snack at several intervals, but check what you snack on. Your snack must be healthy, nutritious and filling. Homemade granola bars are cost effective and a tasty blend of nutrients. You can make some really delicious granolas and energy bars using quinoa and nuts.

Lots of water: Keeping your body hydrated is prime to fitness. Water keeps you energized and helps you perform better during your work out sessions. But do not restrict drinking water to your work out hours. Drinking sufficient amounts of water throughout the day is what helps and works best for your body.

Substitute your food: Instead of eliminating certain foods from your diet completely, try substituting them with healthier options. That way you need not curb your food fancies and stay healthy too. Substitute rice with quinoa or sprouted brown rice, which are a tasty and healthy replacement. Moreover you can use them as a substitute in almost every rice preparations. If milkshakes are your weakness then substitute it with a smoothie and for those with a sweet tooth there are a number of sweet dishes that can be prepared from oats, quinoa, chia seeds, raisins, dates and more. Therefore, don’t curb your food cravings, but suffice them with healthier options.

Watch your food portions: Along with watching what you eat, check how much you eat too. Your food portions is what really matters. There is no harm indulging in your cravings once in a while, just make sure to adjust the quantities. Carbs are not bad just keep the portions small and keep your diet a good mix of other nutrients.

Incorporating these little changes in your diet will keep your fitness routine on track and in check. After all, the fitness challenge is for keeps!

About India Gate and KRBL Group

India Gate, a benchmark in quality food standards, is a KRBL Group flagship brand. As a global food brand, India Gate continues to earn respect and patronage among consumers world over. Apart from the newly introduced Quinoa, India Gate also specializes in brown rice and is known in the region for its highest selling India Gate Classic Basmati rice.

KRBL’s journey started over 120 years ago as a company that engaged in grain marketing and agro processing. It was later incorporated in 1993 with the objective of processing paddy and with its vast experience and expertise, the miller is now synonymous with basmati rice – favorably positioning Indian basmati on the global food map.



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