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Freshness hacks for surviving September

 FOREO brings you super easy ways to keep cool, look and feel fresher, longer this September

 Feeling the warm sun rays on the skin awakens endorphins and immediately relaxes the body and soul. However, when temperatures start to soar above 50 degrees, and you are stuck in the city, those loooong hot days can be excruciating. But, with the right ways to beat the heat brought to you by FOREO, one can look forward to a refreshed summer feeling. 

HACK NO. 1: Just as you begin to celebrate the sun shining every day, the strain it puts on your eyes might leave you wishing it was still winter. Protect the eyes and eye area with sunglasses, blocking the damaging UVA and UVB rays. Use sunglasses on cloudy days too, as UV rays are still around then. 

HACK NO. 2: The strain that the sun puts on your eyes might result in your eyes retaining fluid in the morning. Use IRIS to gently replicate the feeling of a manual massage with light tapping motions to prevent the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and remove the lines in the corner of the eye. Its unique T-Sonic™ technology features two modes, each designed to massage and smooth the eye contour gently. 

HACK NO. 3: AC is everyone’s go-to solution during the summer. But as much as it alleviates the greatest of summer woes, many of us tend to go overboard and crank it up too high, making it a not-too-healthy choice in the fight against extreme temperatures. Low-cost table fans are an effective and healthier alternative. 

 HACK NO. 4: Hot summer days lead to heavy sweating and cause the body to lose fluids. The most important thing during extreme heat is to drink plenty of water – in fact, more than usual. A slight deficit in our body’s water balance can lead to headaches and skin issues. 

HACK NO. 5: A bath does not always have to be warm – just put your feet for a couple of minutes on ice. For an extra refreshing effect add some lemongrass-oil. This will also vitalise your senses. 

HACK NO. 6: High temperatures make legs, feet, and ankles heavy and swollen. Put your legs up as often as possible and allow for the liquids building up in the legs to drain off more easily. You might consider rolling over your legs with a cold-water bottle, from the feet upwards in the direction towards the thighs. This supports the back-flow of the blood to the heart. 

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