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Four Things To Eat this Ramadan to Keep Your Energy Levels Up


The holy month of Ramadan, the time for spirituality and togetherness has begun and while you are fasting, it is essential to eat foods that are rich in nutrients, fiber and vitamins to help you stay fit and healthy.

When fasting, the body uses stored carbohydrates and fats to function and provide energy. The body also tends to dehydrate quicker, making it difficult to focus and concentrate on daily tasks. However, consuming fruits and vegetables have innumerable benefits to help you feel better throughout the hours of fasting.

A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables help maintain healthy blood pressure while keeping you energized and full.

  1. Garlic

Known to be natural antibiotic, even stronger than a few off the shelf medications, garlic helps to tackle bacterial diseases.

  1. Bananas

Excellent source of energy, bananas provide the much-needed carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6 – to help boost your energy level and keep you focused through out the day.

  1. Sweet potatoes

A natural form of sugar, sweet potatoes are one of the best sources of energy as sweet potatoes fiber and complex carbs content makes it difficult for the body to digest it at a faster rate, which in turn helps with providing a steady and constant supply of energy – enabling you to stay active in the afternoon.

  1. Avocados

Regarded as one of the super foods, avocados contain the much needed ‘good’ fat, which help optimal blood fat levels and promote absorption of nutrients in the body.


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Yogalife Magazine wishes you all a blessed Ramadan! Eat healthy and stay active!


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