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Fitbit Versa


 The Fitbit Versa offers a good balance of fitness tracking and smartwatch functions allowing you to lead a more active life, one tap at a time.

 We are all familiar with the scenario. We are set to go for that gym class or go running at the beach, but an unanticipated call or email puts us off track and we end up spending that time at work or attending to that task! And then we realise that its too late to do what we wanted to, so we skip the exercise session promising ourselves that it won’t happen again! But it does happen again and again! This was happening too often with me and I would go for a week or two without exercising and blame it on my work. This when a friend suggested wearing a Fitbit versa! She said it does not allow you any excuse for not exercising! I decided to give it a go.

It definitely looks nice and as I sport the rose gold Versa with a lavender band, I can see that it has been grabbing eyeballs. This one looks a bit feminine but comes with a black band too if you prefer the no-nonsense look! It has a battery life of four days on one charge, something that is undeniably a plus! It feels light and you can easily forget you’re wearing it. To begin with, the Coach app had quick workout options that were good enough to get me started. There were short sessions of 7 minutes on fitness and yoga that had me going even if I was tired after a long day at work. That’s what the Fitbit is all about—making your life healthier, one small, positive change at a time. The relax app helped me calm down with two-minute deep breathing exercises after that argument with the boss that didn’t go my way! The Versa surpasses is in its interface. All pertinent health data is visible on the customizable clock face. You can easily edit the dashboard and rearrange it to highpoint the data you care about most.

A single swipe reveals your notifications, and lets you browse the day’s health data, so you can keep track of your step count, heart rate, food intake and calories burnt. It allows you to set goals for yourself along with regular notifications like texts, calendar alerts, phone calls but overall is great for showing the information you actually care about: your fitness data. The sleep tracker was extremely accurate because I get up a few times in the night and it detected that each time telling me exactly how much I had slept! The heart rate monitor seemed fairly accurate on the treadmill and while doing HIIT(High intensity internal traning). The new female health app is supposed to help women track their ovulation and menstrual cycles. I am sure most women would love to get reminders, and correlate dates between menstrual cycles. You can only listen to the music that you download into the device (up to 300 songs) or the ones you listen to in the music services the Versa currently supports.

What I loved was its feature of reminding me every hour to get up and move around to meet my set step count per hour! This was a boon for someone like me who sits on the computer for hours without realising the passage of time! 

This easy to use, unobtrusive and good looking Versa is going to be my friend, philosopher and guide to help me maintain my level of fitness by tracking it.

Download PDF version whenever you are offline.  


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