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Eat light, Wholesome Meals This Summer with Café Bateel’s New Seasonal Summer Menu

Think hearty soups, fresh salads, seasonal produce packed into the healthiest appetizers, drinks and mains – that’s the New Summer Menu from Bateel for you! Yes, lots of vegan and gluten free options too!

Think hearty vegan soups that are light on the stomach with no added cream, salads so green they resemble a green garden packing a delicious fresh crunch with each bite of kale and spinach, sandwiches big on fresh fillings like avocado instead of being loaded with cheese, main courses packed with the goodness of wholesome grains like couscous and beverages totally fresh and healthy fruit blends – these healthy delights in the new Summer Seasonal Menu by Café Bateel urge you to celebrate summer season on a lighter note! Every dish on the menu is the kind of light and refreshing food our body needs to fuel up in summer.

The healthy and wholesome menu takes inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine and offers a selection of Vegan and Gluten-free delights that are delicious too.

Café Bateel, home of gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, has come up with delicious offerings available for vegans and the health conscious.

Carefully curated by Bateel’s award-winning executive chef Jean Luc Vila, the menu is a culinary celebration of the finest seasonal ingredients and flavours taking influence from dynamic Mediterranean cuisine. The new superfood Moringa, which has been linked to having positive effects on liver function and immunity, has been incorporated into the menu with a vegan Moringa Vegetable Soup with the goodness of grains, sesame seeds and coriander leaves. A plant native to India, Moringa is now grown along the Mediterranean coast where it is dubbed the ‘Miracle Tree’.

Vegetarians and vegans in Dubai are also in for a treat with the Healthy Green Bowl that looks too green to be real. Those who are suckers for green veggies will find themselves going back for this healthy vegan bowl with quinoa, grains, spinach, kale, green peas, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, green tomatoes, French beans, mixed seeds and zingy lemon dressing. Others who can’t help but make a face at the sight of green veggies, will also be surprised at how delicious a green salad can be!

Summer quenchers include fresh fruity chilled beverages like Peach Delight – a tasty blend of peach with orange, apple and strawberry.

What’s summer without some lemonade and hence Fruit Punch Lemonade – refreshing pink lemonade infused with mint leaves.

They also have a summer berry smoothie if you need something filling to sip on with your sandwich and an espresso date frappe for coffee lovers.

Vadouvan Chicken Ciabatta sandwich is what you must ask for when visiting for lunch or breakfast. A crispy ciabatta bread comes fully loaded with French masala marinated chicken, avocado, tomato and bell pepper relish, served with garden salad in lemon dressing.

Lemon Chicken is perfect main course to opt if you love chicken. This homemade stew comes with lemon marinated chicken thighs, with a chickpea curry served with couscous with tiny zucchini pieces, white raisins and fresh coriander.

Having a sweet tooth will not be sinful with the four seasonal desserts on the Seasonal Summer Menu as they aren’t overly sweet. Take the Pomelos Cheesecake. It comes with a crispy biscuit base that balances the sweetness of grapefruit, yuzu, strawberry purée and cream cheese mousse topping. The Apricot and Milk Chocolate Cake with crunchy almond biscuit and layers of apricot and yuzu compote, topped with milk chocolate cream is irresistible. But if you are taking children along ask for Chocolate Tart and see their faces light up to see this moist chocolaty treat.

Everything was delightful and big on flavor from what we tried from Cafe Bateel’s summer menu and we highly recommend it if you are all for light summery dishes that are scrumptious and at the same time healthy. The new menu is now available in all cafés across the UAE.


Picture Source: Café Bateel 


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