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Do You Get Angry Then This Is To Save Your Life

Anger is an emotion, a common expression amongst the whole of mankind, be it in any facet of the society. Every individual is subjected to this emotion at some point in his life, sometimes quite often during the day.

An individual with this emotion, when seen on a micro level is a representation of the same expression in every human being on a macro level in the whole world. In other words, this emotion is a universal expression.

What is anger? The incapability of the individual to face a person or a situation or a circumstance, prompting him to react to the situation in an aggressive manner is called anger. The aggression can be sometimes mild or in certain circumstances, highly volatile, even leading to violence in some cases.

The incapability to face such situations and subsequent reactions – is it a strength or weakness? It is definitely a weakness. But the person who gets angry always has his justification: “Usually, I am a very calm and a relaxed person and never get angry. But my anger was a natural reaction to something that you did or some situation that you caused.” In other words, he tries to cover up his weaknesses by putting the blame on a third person or a situation. Quite often, the individual never accepts that he over-reacted or that there could have been a better, more civilised response to the situation.

Anger, when expressed in any form, brings pain or a feeling of pain the next moment to the concerned individual himself. Expressions of anger can be so overpowering that it can even disturb the atmosphere around in the process. If the individual feels regret, in order to get over the feeling, the individual tries to pacify the object of his anger by some good actions or by giving something, directly or indirectly trying to please the person.

Ultimately, anger does no good either to the individual or the recipient of his aggression, or for that matter the surroundings, in any way.

Can covering up our weaknesses help in overcoming them? Never!

The primary thing to do is to look inward, understand and accept your weaknesses. First, I need to realise that anger is MY weakness and ONLY I can overcome my weakness by learning to face any situation using techniques of personal management in life. Then a conscious effort to learn these techniques will help achieve the objectives of self-control.

We also need to realise that the only solution for anger is forgiveness alone and nothing else. Else anger will eventually manifest in our life as psychosomatic disorders, and ill-health will prevail for which the individual alone will suffer in due course.

Hence learn to manage oneself in any situation and realise it is worth learning the art of self-management for a balanced, happy and peaceful life.

Sanjeev Krishnan, affectionately called ‘Guruji’, has many students across the globe. To date, more than 6000 participants have attended his unique lifestyle management programme, Rhythm Of Life.  Relief from various psychosomatic ailments and the art of disciplining oneself forms the crux of this programme. For Guruji, imparting the knowledge that he imbibed from Great Masters is a passion.  For over a decade he has been managing Rhythm Yoga in Dubai, which is the first ISO certified yoga studio in the UAE and Middle East.


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