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Diwali Festival of transforming Darkness into Light

Most of us are ignorant about the true nature of the self. It is the ignorance of the true self that does not allow us to live a peaceful, fulfilling, meaningful and divinely-connected life.  It is merely ignorance, the false identification with the body and its urges, which leads us to the darkness of evil and blocks the belief that there is light, there is perfection and that at the core of our being we are divine.  Once we realize that Divine Light Withinit helps us to remove the darkness, and transform the inherent darkness by shedding the ignorance, the false identification, the illusion, which shrouds our innate light from our view.

The sun is always shining outside, but if our windows are covered with dust it will be dark in our home. We need to clean the windows so that the naturally occurring presence of light may flow into our home.” In the same way the inner divine light is always there, always shining, always available. It is the core of our being. However, the “windows” of our consciousness have become dusty by our false-identifications, our expectations, our grudges, our jealousies. Hence, that light is obscured from our view and does not reach us.

When we are not aware of who we really are, we inevitably try consciously or unconsciously to become something else. We then live our lives falsely identified with roles, masks and personalities that are not truly us. We are not our degrees, our beauty, our bank accounts, our popularity or our relations. This false identification is fleeting. We have wrapped our sense of self so tightly around these roles that when the curtain falls and the drama ends, we feel that our life is being torn out from within us.

We experience emotional patterns of anger, hatred, depression, sorrow etc. However the true Self is pure, perfect, untouched and unaffiliated by patterns of energy corresponding to emotional states. The true self is the one who is aware, who is watching, who is witnessing, who is able to name the states of sadness and depression, but is never afflicted by them.

The lack of awareness of who we truly are, the lack of ability to distinguish between what I DO and who I AM, this ignorance is the darkness which leads to suffering and misery in life. It is also this ignorance of the Self’s true nature that leads us to act in ways for which we have to reap the fruits of negative karma. Greed, lust, dishonesty, jealousy, anger and arrogance are products of our blindness toward the true light within and toward the true nature of the Self. If I am already full and complete then there is nothing to long for.  Ignorance of the Self always leads to Misery. Those who understand the true self are one with all of creation; thus there is no need to possess the wealth of the universe. It is already theirs.

At this sacred time of Diwali, when we line our homes and offices and streets with brightly burning lamps, let us pray for that light within our own hearts illumines out bright showing us who we truly are.

On a personal level, Diwali is a time for introspection, to contemplate and dispel the darkness of ignorance. So Let that light shine within yourself, and also outwards.  “So while you light the lamps in your temples, homes and offices. Also remember to light the lamp in your own heart. That divine lamp will dispel the darkness of ignorance; that is the true way of welcoming divine grace into your life.”

‘Happy Diwali’!

By Shobanna Pisharody ~ Cosmic Healing Centre



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